'It's hard to be a woman in this company': More details of sexual harassment at Paradox Interactive emerge
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‘it’s hard to be a female on this agency’: extra info of sexual harassment at Paradox Interactive emerge

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New reports from Eurogamer and Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet detail similarly allegations of a misogynistic workplace tradition at Paradox Interactive, the studio at the back of grand approach mainstays inclusive of Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, and Hearts of Iron. The report comes simply over a month after the leak of a Paradox worker survey in which 69% of girls respondents reported some shape of mistreatment even as working at the organisation.

One incident cited inside the record includes the hiring of a senior supervisor with a popularity for “unwelcome techniques and harassment” at his preceding studio—behavior which reportedly endured at Paradox. 

“He had an excessive amount of bodily contact with us girl personnel,” one former worker stated. “A hand at the groin or very near hugs, in which he drilled his face into one’s throat. [There] had been several girls who talked about it.”

One former worker, who resigned over the harassment she confronted, become granted a settlement of almost 270,000 Swedish kroner ($30,seven-hundred) in 2016 after taking the corporation to courtroom, but the supervisor worried maintained “a main role” at Paradox until months ago.

other kinds of mistreatment cited inside the reporting are greater diffused. More than one assets stated the corporation is “sincerely male-ruled,” and girls face exceptional remedy from their male opposite numbers.”

“i’ve been to conferences where i’m the simplest female inside the room, and that i say ‘good day, I truly suppose we ought to move this course, based totally on my experience’, and a person appears at me, and they say, ‘you already know what, you are just here as a token rent. So I assume you have to be quiet approximately this’,” one female said.

“it is difficult to be a female on this company. Humans are like, ‘you’re simply whining? Why is it harder for ladies?’ but if a man might have introduced the same matters up it’d were a legitimate opinion.”

Paradox has now not safely addressed these issues, in keeping with one worker, due to the fact the control structure is focused on the whole on fascinating senior management in place of assisting line people and managing systemic issues. A comparable sentiment become expressed within the leaked employee survey, which stated, “there may be a perception that perpetrators at managerial level are protected by means of the corporation.” there is additionally a reluctance to talk out because of the small size of the Swedish videogame industry. “each person is aware of every body,” every other girl said, which makes confidentiality hard to hold.

The state of affairs isn’t always always hopeless, however one worker said the state of affairs can’t exchange until senior management starts offevolved taking it severely. “there may be real harassment at Paradox that people are denying, due to the fact they don’t consider it’s harassment,” she said. “We consider it’s far ordinary, due to the fact in which they come from, this way of life has been ongoing for years and years and years. And some humans have in no way visible whatever distinctive.”

Overcoming that particular hurdle may be complex by the presence of Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester, who replaced Ebba Ljungerud in September. Quickly after retaking the CEO function (Ljungerud’s successor is likewise her predecessor—she took over the top process from him in 2018), Wester issued an apology for a 2018 incident concerning “inappropriate conduct” with a Paradox worker. The nature of the incident has no longer been disclosed, even though Wester said that it was unrelated to his selection to step down.

A Paradox rep stated the agency took the effects of the leaked worker survey significantly, although he additionally talked about that it was an “casual” take a look at based totally on a “confined sample” of employees. Like Activision, a miles larger videogame company that’s been rocked by allegations of significant abuse and mistreatment of its female personnel, Paradox has additionally employed an external auditor to analyze the organization’s tradition. The corporation declined to comment similarly at the reviews.

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