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Killing Floor 2: Day of the Zed – Launch Trailer

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The latest free update for the first-person shooter, co-op action game, Killing Floor 2, brings spooky new content, including the new Netherhold map, weekly game modes Wild West London and Abandon All Hope, weapons, cosmetics, and the return Halloween-themed Zed variants. Check out the trailer for Killing Floor 2’s Day of the Zed update, available now.

In the Wild West London game mode, weapons are limited to revolvers and lever actions and everything will look properly old-timey with a special sepia filter designed for this new mode.

With Abandon All Hope, take on the Maximum Difficulty Mode. A special Kriss elite skin will be available as a reward for completing the mode.

Additionally, new weapons include the piranha pistol(s) for Gunslinger / Berserker classes, corrupter carbine for Field Medic / Sharpshooter classes, HRG disrupter for Gunslinger class, and HRG tommy boom for Demolitionist class.

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