League of Legends all chat disabled: Riot Games disabled cross-team chat function
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League of Legends all chat disabled: rebellion video games disabled pass-team chat function

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revolt games is making a fundamental change to League of Legends as part of its ongoing effort to reduce poisonous conduct: As of League’s 11.21 patch, /all chat has been disabled for matchmade queues. 

“even as /all chat may be the supply of a laugh social interaction between groups, as well as some excellent-hearted banter, right now negative interactions outweigh the positives,” insurrection said in a blog publish. “we will evaluate the impact of this change thru verbal abuse reports and penalty costs, in addition to surveys and direct comments from you all.”

For speaking between teams, the best option gamers could have are emotes, besides at some stage in cease of game intervals, at some stage in which full team-to-crew chat might be to be had. 

you may nonetheless be capable of chat together with your teammates, that can include its very own serving of abuse, and some League of Legends gamers in the subreddit are expressing confusion over the selection to get rid of /all chat at the same time as leaving crew chat intact.

“simply me or does 95% of the toxicity take place in team chat? Disabling /all does nothing imo,” Reddit user own-Iron-207 wrote.

“I think ~60%-70% of my general pals listing is from /all chat letting me discover neat people in recreation, and 70%+ of the toxicity I discover is from crew chat,” Lord_Dust_Bunny wrote.

revolt stated that group chat can also be abusive, but says that it is sticking around as it has a better reason to exist than /all chat.

“regarding [team chat], we’re conscious that verbal abuse happens in group chat too, so disabling /all chat might not cast off abuse altogether,” insurrection stated. “however crew chat also plays an important team coordination characteristic, so the capacity fee it brings is tons higher, even though it could also host a few negative reviews. We recognise this sucks for the ones of you who simply need to compliment your lane opponent’s skin, or ask for a dance celebration in Baron pit. But we consider the tradeoff is worth it to reduce down on the developing negativity /all chat has been growing to your video games.”

there’s also a few widespread disappointment over the elimination of /all, even though, even supposing it became an outlet for toxicity. 

“This /all chat function removal is in reality a punishment for the minority of players which are precise sports and revel in speakme to combatants in [a] wholesome way, with a few affordable and accurate-lively banter,” user ThisIsSnake wrote. “Why now not tie /all to high honor levels and actually make those honor stages both easier to achieve and less difficult to lose?”

League’s Honor system, which suggests a player’s document of high-quality or toxic conduct, is a few of the systems that rebellion formerly stated “have started out to expose their wear and tear.”

Disabling /all chat is the modern day in a line of actions rebellion has taken to combat poisonous gamers in its numerous groups. Returned in April, the studio commenced recording participant voice chat in Valorant to mild “disruptive conduct,” with the simplest way to decide out being to disable voice chat.

In November 2020, insurrection posted an define of measures it planned on taking to fight toxicity in League of Legends, inclusive of revising the tiered penalty machine, extra ranked fit solutions, and automated verbal abuse evaluation.

other competitive games have similarly limited group-to-crew chat. Rainbow Six Siege set matches to group chat by default in early 2020, bringing up statistics showing that pass-crew chat is answerable for “close to 85%” of toxicity. Much like the League of Legends replace, a few Siege fanatics expressed confusion over Ubisoft’s decision to disable move-group chat even as leaving crew chat untouched.

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