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Leaked Resident Evil 4 VR video suggests free Mercenaries DLC will arrive in 2022

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A leaked video suggests that Resident Evil 4 VR may be getting a loose replace that adds The Mercenaries mode in 2022, first spotted by means of UploadVR.

in line with the record, a trailer for the tremendously-requested Mercenaries mode in brief regarded at the Oculus YouTube channel earlier than getting taken down. But, users nonetheless controlled to shop the trailer and repost it on YouTube. The leaked trailer says that The Mercenaries DLC is “arriving in 2022” as a “loose replace on Meta Quest 2.”

some enthusiasts of the collection have been dissatisfied to discover that Mercenaries wasn’t covered in RE4VR, which challenges you to kill hordes of enemies and rack up as many factors as possible before the timer runs out. As UploadVR notes, The Mercenaries mode has been present in all versions of RE4 — except for RE4VR. You could additionally discover the mode in RE3: Nemesis, RE5, RE6, RE Village, and in its own derivative RE: The Mercenaries 3-d.

RE4VR came out at the Oculus Quest 2 final month with out the add-ons that the game got here with within the past, together with The Mercenaries, Separate methods, and undertaking: Ada. Our review of the RE4VR gives you a higher take a look at how the bottom recreation plays, which turned out to be higher than we thought.

As you can also see from the leaked trailer, facebook (which now belongs to Meta), has changed the “Oculus Quest 2” with its revamped call and logo, calling it the “Meta Quest 2.” The rebranding has even seeped to the Oculus internet site, in which you’ll see Meta’s name and brand stamped inside the top left corner of the screen (through UploadVR). Meta plans on phasing out Oculus branding in 2022, just in time for The Mercenaries’ capability launch.

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