Dead Cells update adds Hollow Knight's nail, lets you turn into a chicken
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Lifeless Cells replace adds hollow Knight’s nail, lets you turn right into a hen

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Punishing permadeath platformer lifeless Cells (our pick for quality Roguelike returned in 2018) just got a new replace that provides skins, guns, and capabilities from other indie games which have cores of comparable hardness. To free up the outfits you will need to finish challenges discovered via a book of clues within the starting vicinity, and the rest may be located in new lore rooms scattered for the duration of the stages.

The additions encompass the nail from hollow Knight, which can be utilized in a downward-attack flow i am certain won’t be infuriatingly difficult to pull off. Even though the Knight himself isn’t playable in useless Cells, Juan from Guacamelee is and thanks to “Pollo electricity” he can transform right into a chook that lays eggs, which then explode. This is a difficult act to comply with, but the Penitent One from Blasphemous does add a Face Flask you operate through smashing it onto your personal brow. 

there’s additionally a gun from Hyper light Drifter (which marks targets, and might turn into a sword that reasons bonus harm to stated marked targets while additionally regenerating the gun’s ammo), a bone club wielded with the aid of Skul: The Hero Slayer (who is a skeleton, it’s like if you or I went into war wielding a severed leg), and the mutton-chopped protagonist of Curse of the useless Gods brings a machete/pistol blend. That final one returns the want from the time a bunch of lifeless Cells tools appeared in Curse of the lifeless Gods.

I find those types of crossover activities between indie developers fascinating. While, say, Terraria and do not Starve have a crossover it’s possibly due to mutual admire between the creators in preference to a large wodge of cash being passed over to get some other company entity jammed into Fortnite.

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