Mars Remains Enigmatic As Ever Leading Up To Destiny 2 The Witch Queen
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Mars Remains Enigmatic As Ever Leading Up To Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

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Destiny 2 players will return to Mars with the extension of The Witch Queen – despite the fact that the planet was removed from the game with the extension of Beyond Light. Rumors about Mars’ return to Destiny 2 began when the first trailer for The Witch Queen showed Ikora reflected on a photo boards, maps, and signs of alchemy, surrounded by red lines. Fans later saw a map of the Destiny 1 Mars on its board, which is easy to see from Bungie’s teaser clips that took a closer look at the board. The Game Awards Live Action Trailer explains that we return to Mars for the first mission and meet the light bearing Savathun. This is how we explored the expansion of Destiny 1, at the beginning of The Taken King, to a moon on Mars, Phobos.

We’ve explored what we’ve seen about the Queen and the knowledge of Mars in The Witch in order to unravel every long-running thread and story that you need to know about expanding. Will be needed

Playing now: Destiny 2: The Witch Queen – The Game Awards Trailer

In the knowledge of destiny, Mars has been a beacon for light and darkness for centuries, but the live action trailer creates a more disturbing connection between the two. First, I saw a crop field outside on a boundary on Mars, which reminded me of dark token splinters, the outline of which is bright. Remembering that I have seen this crop field before, I looked at The Witch Queen’s Collector’s Edition and saw that there is also a picture of the crop field on Mars. It seems that everything that is happening within the boundaries is not of the present age – and if it is, it is probably a picture of the golden age on Mars.

Spaluch taken to the left, comparing the Mars Cropfield section to the Live Action The Witch Queen trailer.

In Year 1 of Destiny 1, three astronauts were seen in person for the first time during the Iris One mission in the pre-Golden Age pre-Cinema cinema when they were terrifying Mars, another capability of the solar system. Housing was making the world. Living conditions led to colonies, including agriculture. The Golden Age agricultural container in the wreckage of the Ness Colony proves that the crops were part of the colonies. Like Mercury, Mars could be in a very different place when it was first terraform. Even some Destiny’s concept art shows a different type of Mars during early exploration, including an area that looks like a swamp.

An old postcard from Martin City, called Freehold, describes it as one of humanity’s greatest achievements: a house away from home in Meridian Bay. But then darkness came and took the bay under the red dunes and took the solar system into the dark ages. A bird ride through The Bared City, the remains of a freehold revealed the historic landmarks of the Clovisbury, Daito, and Off-World Transit (OWT) railways. With the absence of Earthlings, extraterrestrial enemies increased their presence on Mars with their Vex structures and Cabal zones.

Vex built a gateway through the darkness using Black Garden portals. Legend: In The Black Garden, a priest named Guardian shares his vision of the garden. “The traveler crossed the face of the Iron World. He opened the earth and closed the sky. He made life possible. There is always harmony in these things. Do you understand? This is not the beginning but this. There is a reason. “Priests are calling Mars the world of iron and pointing to its mysterious connection to the Black Garden.

A ghost scan in The Sister on Ness states, “A confluence directly connected to Mars. The Vex there seems to be spending a lot of time with the Red Legion, it seems.” The Garden Gate is gone. Lost. The fortress fell. ‘ Yes. ” Fighting Red Legion forces during the Red War in Destiny 2, Vex lost its strongholds on Mars. Maybe that’s why in the live action trailer we see Red Legion Psions and Cabal ships aggressively attacking Savathun’s dreadnaught-looking ship.

The expansion of Destiny 2’s Warmind took us to the icy caps of the Hell’s Basin, where an ancient object was hidden beneath Mars. Warsats, which hit the planet, freed the exiled son of Orex, named Servants, and Hive God Xol – both trapped under the glaciers of Mars by an AI Warmind named Rasputin, centered in the BrayTech Futurescape. Anna Bray called Rasputin the most powerful weapon in the entire solar system, so Xol tried to destroy the AI ​​while Nokris ordered his hive. Still, we don’t know exactly what drew them to Mars.

Arrival season on Mars
Arrival season on Mars

A piece of the arrival season can give a hint. During one of the missions, Anna thanks the Bad Guardian for returning an item called Helsom Journal. In real life, Matt Helsom worked with Vicarious Visions and Bungie as a senior environmental artist and died in 2020. In the game, Helsom was a golden age archaeologist. Bungee’s tribute to the artist through Anna Bray contains an interesting sentence about Mars. “He believed that long before the traveler, there were examples of the connection between extraterrestrial species and humanity.” Evidence from Shadow Cape Lore’s book Revelations proves that darkness existed before it fell into our solar system, which was hidden beneath the surface of our moon.

With the advent of the Black Fleet, it was time to say goodbye to Mars and Rasputin. A huge pyramid was seated in front of the Braytech Futurescape. The arrival season was about a new silver-winged tree inside a terracotta cradle called the Last Eden on Jupiter’s moon, Io. Ikora told our Guardian during the Red War that Cradle and Io still had light remnants because it was the last place Traveler had touched. Savathun spoke to the Guardians for the first time this season when she brought us to her Ascendant Court – the gift of a Pyramid ship, prevents us from receiving the Silver Wings badge. It seemed to be a different seed from the Forsyth Expansion where we found a seed of light through the trees that grows on the Io from the Travelers Light Plus. This is related to the upcoming expansion as the live action trailer showed a disturbing scene of a cradle on Mars.

Silver Wings tree on Io
Silver Wings tree on Io

In the Tenniburs Tunnels mission to Mars, our ghost says, “This rail system was endless. It connected the colonies, dug places. I was even looking for a line that would extend completely to the cradle of the North Pole.” Runs from. ” However, this may contradict the fact that Clovis Bray’s research facility on Mars is also called the cradle of invention. Knowing that the Pyramid spacecraft can be seen from the BrayTech Futurescape, the two cradles may be close to each other. An exotic Titan armor called Ruin wings from Destiny’s Dark Below Expansion says, “A silver-winged tree grows in the garden. The leaves are ruined, the bark destroyed. We don’t talk about seeds.” This may indicate that there are more seeds in other breeds.

Myelin Games dealt with many clues about the cradle on Mars in its video covering the trailer and its themes. The design of a maze inspired by the Secret Chartres that has been repeatedly seen in relation to light or darkness was shown in the center of the cradle. I also saw this symbol in the book The Singular Exegete lore which had a maze design inside the Eris Morn symbol and on the psychometer replica which has the shell of Hive Ghost in The Witch Queen Collectors Edition. Mylene also explained that Savathun’s ship is perched on the cradle of Mars, as in the season of the arrival of the pyramid ships on the Io, and how Savathun could have taken the pyramid ship from Mars and placed it inside the world of his throne. Removing a pyramid spacecraft can also save Mars from the anomaly that has hidden it, which will explain why we can reach the planet in the Dine Queen.

Labyrinth Design on the Singular Exegete lore book
Labyrinth Design on the Singular Exegete lore book

Black Flat took Mars, Io, Titan and Mercury to the end of the arrival season. The book, known as Captain Log Firm’s Season of the Business Presbyterian Mission, states that the place of Mars is an anomaly. In the presage, we learn that Cabal Emperor Calus was aboard the Glycone ship with his crew, which was heading towards this anomaly. He was using the Crown of Soro, created by Savathun, to experiment on the Scorn as a way to integrate brains and communicate with The Entity, the intelligence behind the forces of darkness. ۔ Interestingly, a scan by Presage reads, “It describes a descent into anomalies … The doubles of gravity broke and reformed glycone several times. Was rearranged, which shows that the same thing could happen with Mars. We can see the different parts of Mars coming together.

In Season of the Lost, the conversation between Lord Salahuddin and Wells and Oak in the Peace Bond tradition tells us that Hive’s tombs are near the anomaly of Mars. Though talks are moving towards Xivu Arath, these ships could be Savathun’s preparations for their next move at the end of the season.

Although we know that Mars is coming back, we do not know where the first mission is scheduled or after this mission we will get more part of Mars. However, we do know that Savathun’s Throne World will be a discovery destination with many secrets.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen will launch on February 22.

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