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Marvel’s Avengers: Hawkeye DLC Release Date Announced

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Square Enix has announced that Hawkeye and his operation, Hawkeye – Future Imperfect will be joining Marvel’s Avengers on March 18, 2021.Announced in the latest Marvel’s Avengers War Table, Hawkeye arrives on the same day as the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Marvel’s Avengers.

The latest War Table’s gameplay was captured entirely on PS5, and gives a deep dive into Chapter 2 of Season 1 with Operation Hawkeye – Future Imperfect.

This wastelands of this new operation is heavily inspired by the Old Man Hawkeye comic series, especially the Eye for an Eye collection. In the comics, the world’s villains organized to eliminate all superheroes, and the world collapsed from there. Hawkeye was spared and had to watch everything happen until he eventually avenges the fallen heroes.

In Marvel’s Avengers, Old Man Hawkeye retired. When the Kree invasion happened, he wasn’t part of the fight and has tried to make up for it for decades. He also has been following Nick Fury’s trail through the wastelands to make things right.

In the present time, younger Hawkeye has “business to deal with in his Brooklyn apartment.” This part of the story in inspired by the Hawkeye comic run My Life as a Weapon. He will also have the help a few friends, including Lucky, the most adorable eye-patched dog.


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