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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Play Monster Hunter Stories 2 Crossover

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Monster Hunter Rise has finally launched on PC, with both visual and performance improvements over the original Switch version. The PC release will also include all of the post-launch content released to date, as there are tons of crossovers with other Capcom features available to play right out of the box. One is a collaboration with the other Monster Hunter game from 2021: Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Here’s how to access the Event Quest associated with this crossover and how to craft the Tsukino Costume Layered Armor for your Palico.

Go to the Steelworks area in the Monster Hunter Rise village center and speak to Senri the postman to start the search. Select “Add-on Content” and collect the “Bird Wyverns of Ruin?” Event Quest from the list to add it to your quest board, or hit “Collect All” to grab all the DLC currently available.

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Next one, go to the Gathering Hub and talk to Minoto the Quest Maiden. Select “Event Quests” and the Bird Wyverns of Ruin quest can be found under the “Low Rank” section. This is a 1* Low Rank Quest so you can complete it right at the start of the game without too much fuss.

Your task is to defeat a Great Baggi, Great Izuchi and Kulu-Ya-Ku in the Arena. Taking a weapon that deals thunder damage can punish all three monsters more than usual, but equipping a weapon with no elemental affinity is still more than enough to get the job done. You can also set up the quest as a Join Request Hunt to let other players join in and help you overcome the three monsters.

After completing the quest, you will be rewarded with disguise device. This crafting material is needed to forge the Tsukino Costume Layered Armor for your Palico. You need a total of four, so you may need to repeat the Event Quest again to earn enough. You’ll also need two Izuchi scraps, so trade any Great Izuchi materials you have with the Buddy Smith to pick up the scrap you need.

Once you have all the materials, you can go to the Buddy Smith and forge the Tsukino Costume Layered Armor.

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