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Monster Hunter upward thrust is coming to laptop

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Monster Hunter world became in many approaches a recreation-changer for the franchise. Monsters had in no way looked more intimidating, hunts had by no means felt more visceral, and Palicos had in no way been extra cute. It additionally marked the primary time in Monster Hunter history in which the devs did away with loading monitors, bringing the name towards open-international than it had ever been.

With the launch of Iceborne, the game most effective got higher, and for a time it appeared like it’d well be the gold trendy for Monster Hunter on the platform. Very quickly, on the way to now not be the case. There’s a new contender throwing its hat into the ring. 

Monster Hunter upward push is formally launching on computer! Upward push builds on everything world did right, while at the identical time including a wealthy selection of new capabilities, consisting of rideable conflict dogs

we’re especially excited about that one. 

(photograph credit score: Capcom)

First and primary, rise introduces a few interesting new mobility mechanics. With wirebugs, your individual is basically armed with their very own hookshot. Integrate this with wallrunning, and that is arguably the fastest and maximum fluid Monster Hunter has ever felt 

Monster Hunter Rise Wyvern Riding

(photograph credit: Capcom)

upward push additionally adjustments how mounting works, replacing it with Wyvern driving. In place of climbing onto the facet of an elder dragon to jab at it with some thing guns are available, you may use wirebugs to temporarily take manage of the behemoth. So if you’re having problem taking down Nargacuga or Goss Harag, you have a brand new answer past repeated carting — bringing a monster of your very own to the fight. 

Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug 4K

(image credit: Capcom)

Monster Hunter Rise Mobility

(photo credit: Capcom)

the brand new gameplay elements aren’t the most effective thing to be excited about, both. Upward thrust is launching on pc with improved textures, uncapped frame quotes, and help for ultrawide displays. In different phrases, upward thrust not handiest feels exceptional to play, it additionally appears terrific. 

Monster Hunter rise formally launches for laptop on January 12, 2022 for $fifty nine.99. You could pre-buy it and discover a demo right here.  

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