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Nerf announces a new Minecraft Line

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Announced a collaboration with Minecraft, turning objects from both Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons into real-life blasters.

blasters – the Nerf Minecraft Pillager’s Crossbow and the Nerf Minecraft Stormlander – are to be had to buy these days. The Pillager’s Crossbow takes idea from the original Minecraft and is fired by means of pulling back a priming lever and pulling the trigger – permitting you to hearth three Nerf Elite darts without delay. It comes in at $26.Forty nine.

The Stormlander is inspired by means of Minecraft Dungeons, and is based on that game’s hammer weapon. Loaded with 3 darts within the pinnacle of the hammer, you fire via pulling a cause at the manage. It is available in at $20.Ninety nine. You can take a look at out all the complete Nerf Minecraft line in the gallery underneath:

Nerf Minecraft Blasters

also available for pre-order nowadays are three Nerf Microshots blasters. The unmarried-shot blasters each take idea from a Minecraft mob – the Dragon, dad or mum, and Ghast – and every one will value $10.Ninety nine.

The should purchase or pre-order the complete Nerf Minecraft line from Walmart now.

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