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New Earthworm Jim tv collection Is in the Works

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In state-of-the-art version of “who requested for this?,” variety reports that an Earthworm Jim television series is in the works at interplay enjoyment, the contemporary owners of the franchise.

interplay launched a 2-minute teaser trailer providing Earthworm Jim in a tongue-in-cheek “in the back of-the-music” like interview describing his history as a spacefaring adventurer.

The collection, titled “Earthworm Jim: past the Groovy,” reportedly follows Earthworm Jim’s adventures combating evil from planet to planet all through the galaxy, with each planet featuring a specific race of anthropomorphic animal-like extraterrestrial beings. Earthworm Jim’s closing intention is to get lower back to his domestic planet, you guessed it, Earth.

concept artwork from Earthworm Jim: past the Groovy

interaction is launching efforts to develop new television series and films with a new department of the organisation. Interplay is operating with ardour pix, which has produced diverse animated short movies and commercials, which include episodes of “Love, death, and Robots,” and numerous animated trailers for Apex Legends.

The teaser trailer suggests a barely extra mature tone for Earthworm Jim, with the character referring to a thermostat delivered to his in shape to “preserve my ass heat” and that he spent 25 years in rehab. The Earthworm Jim video games (and even the shortlived 1990’s animated series on kids’ WB) stuck quite close to child-friendly fare, however the unique builders at bright amusement and creator Doug Tenaple (who additionally voiced Jim inside the games) frequently skewered video game and movie tropes, including characters like “Princess what’s-her-name” as a riff on Princess Peach and greater time-honored damsels in misery.

Concept art from Earthworm Jim: Beyond the Groovy

concept artwork from Earthworm Jim: past the Groovy

it is doubtful if writer Doug TenNaple or other contributors of the unique development team are involved inside the assignment. TenNaple has a history of anti-LGBTQ views, speakme out against marriage equality, and has misgendered a transgender journalist who criticized his paintings in 2017. IGN has reached out to interplay to invite whether TenNaple has any involvement, but did no longer right away recieve a respond.

“I bear in mind loving ‘Earthworm Jim’ as a kid,” stated Michael k. Parand, the director of interplay’s new film and tv division. “And there’s so much capability on this tale universe: a galaxy full of animals struggling with for power.  Jim is an earthworm in a universe wherein Earth is nothing more than a myth. His conflict to locate which means is surreal and comical, however it’s additionally relatable.”

Earthworm Jim’s big name strength has faded because his peak in the mid-to-past due ninety’s. Even as the first two games had been successes primarily based on their gameplay and appealing 2nd photos, Earthworm Jim 3-d and subsequent releases have been vital and commercial failures, with the final recreation freeing in 1999.

Joseph Knoop is a creator/producer/lowly malicious program for IGN.

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