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New Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic Teases An Adventure Across The Sea
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New Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic Teases An Adventure Across The Sea

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The Elder Scrolls Online is set to unveil its next year’s story, and promises to take Zenimax Online’s MMORPG players across the ocean to explore a world never seen before. Coins

Although full details of what Alder Scrolls Online has to offer are not yet to be revealed until January 27, Bethesda is already giving a glimpse of what players can expect. A cinematic teaser shows three ships making dangerous voyages in stormy waters, all of which occur when a heavily armored enemy is spotted approaching ships approaching the fort wall.

Playing now: Elder Scrolls Online – Ocean Voyage Cinematic Teaser Trailer

There’s not much left to do, but Zenimax says the new adventure will take players into an unseen world, with a new culture to discover and new stories to discover. Will be Where that world is, of course, is not yet clear, but some fans of the Elder Scroll are speculating that it could be a journey across the ocean across the ocean east of Tamerlane. If that happened then it would be a huge blow to the franchise. All of the previous games in the series have been in Tamrell, and while there are some stories about Aquarius and those who call it home, it is a much more empty slate than areas rich in Skyrim or Morwind.

Due to the oceanic nature of the teaser, players are also wondering if the new adventure will include murmurs, aka sea elves. Unfortunately, the armored character in the teaser doesn’t look very much like an elf. Combined with the fact that a recent Community letter Zenimax was told that the next adventure would focus on “playable races that have not yet been fully culturally and historically immersed.” Associated Islands may be included. The letter also states that the game will move away from the “end of global aggression” plot and focus on the stories of traditional Elder Scrolls of political intrigue and factional fighting, which should give players a better idea. What to expect in a descriptive manner. .

Sadly, fans will have to wait a few more weeks to learn more. Last year, Elder Scrolls Online saw the release of its year-round Gates of Oblivion story, which included several new basements, DLCs, an introduction to a new companion system, and an extension to Blackwood. Elder Scrolls Online also recently received a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S upgrade, which includes dynamic resolution scaling and a stable 60fps while playing in performance mode.

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