Players are accidentally triggering New World's latest gold duplication exploit
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New global rolls back eu server after by chance showering players with gold

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Amazon games has simply rolled returned New world’s primary european server via numerous hours after accidentally gifting a number of players as much as three hundred,000 gold.

The rollback became announced after a prolonged upkeep duration which noticed the whole server pulled down a few hours after the gold became sent out. According to the development team, the reimbursement become at first being rolled out as a trap-as much as those who misplaced gold through in-sport tax. 

“After our patch early this morning, a separate database change in european become finished to furnish capture up finances for gamers laid low with in-game tax losses for the reason that November function release,” developer Lane wrote in a discussion board publish. “This database trade mistakenly granted very huge sums no longer reflective of the intended amounts.”

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As to be expected, individuals who determined themselves swimming in cash went in advance and spent it, “frequently shopping for big amounts of objects off the buying and selling submit” in keeping with Lane. While the team appeared into ways to rectify the mistake, Lane stated the most effective choice become to roll the server again to simply before the database amendment went live.

whilst the servers at the moment are returned up, the buying and selling put up has needed to be disabled because of that particular database taking longer to update. “we are already in progress in this work but don’t yet understand the entire time required,” Lane defined. “as soon as complete, all of the contracts may be restored and the trading post will reopen. This could no longer require a patch but might also want a short restart.”

Amazon games stated anybody who transferred just earlier than the server downtime may be getting a “character_restore_failure” blunders right now, which the crew is currently trying to repair.

it’s been a chunk of a wild journey for new world. It seems like whenever one trouble receives resolved, any other one rears its unsightly head. From gold duplications to the usage of chat to crash the game, the teething issues are glaring. 

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