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New Hollow Knight PC Update Released In Beta, Fixes Several Bugs

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Developer Team Cherry has released a new update for Hollow Knight on PC, the first that the game has gotten since 2018. The update has been released in beta while Team Cherry monitors the effects of the changes, so none of the bug fixes are permanent yet.

In the full patch notes, Team Cherry writes that the update’s main purpose is to improve the Unity version of Hollow Knight. However, the update implements several bug fixes as well, which are listed below.

Hollow Knight v1.5.58.11762 Patch Notes

  • Added “Borderless” option to fullscreen in video options
  • Fixed uncollected Grubfather rewards being miss-able
  • Enabled controller rumble (only supported for certain configurations, e.g. Xbox One controller on Windows)
  • Fixed the Soul Tyrant battle in pantheons getting stuck after being defeated sometimes
  • Fixed death loop if moving too high during Absolute Radiance phase 2
  • 64-bit is now required for Windows
  • Vulkan is now the default graphics API for Linux
  • Other minor fixes

Team Cherry does not mention when these changes will be implemented permanently, but adds that when they are, the developer will “make sure to leave the current version [of Hollow Knight] on it’s own beta branch for those who need the 32-bit version.”

If you’re itching to access these changes for yourself, log into your Steam account, right-click on Hollow Knight in your Library, and click “Properties” and then “Betas.” The option to opt into Hollow Knight’s available betas should then pop up–you want to select “public-beta.”

Team Cherry is still in the midst of developing Hollow Knight: Silksong, a follow-up to the original game that sees you play as Hollow Knight’s secondary protagonist, Hornet, who has become trapped in the deepest levels of Pharloom, a kingdom of silk and song. In order to escape, she must journey upwards towards freedom, utilizing her speed, agility, and fighting prowess to overcome deadly bugs and arachnids. Hollow Knight: Silksong is set to launch for PC and Switch.

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