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New international Into The Void replace: complete Patch Notes

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New international’s first principal content material update is right here, and it’s a doozy. Along extra content material, inclusive of a brand new weapon, the update addresses some of pain factors gamers have had with the sport for the reason that release, making this the maximum widespread update for Amazon’s mmo but.

leading the charge is the creation of the Void Gauntlet, a brand new focus/Intelligence weapon which can serve a couple of various roles. Investing skill factors into the Annihilation weapon mastery tree will make the Void Gauntlet a formidable near-variety weapon, while focusing at the Decay tree puts the weapon into greater of a aid position, able to debuffing enemies and bolstering allies.

the arena of Aeternum does no longer have a especially wide style of enemies, but Amazon is beginning to remedy that situation with the advent of a brand new enemy faction, the Varangian Knights. These warriors are invading the southeastern place of Aeternum for reasons unknown, but it is clean the enemy faction is up to no good. New enemy types for many of New world’s present enemy factions are coming with the replace as well.

a number of modifications are also coming to the entirety from the sector itself to faction quests. Starter zones are being made greater visually distinct, strolling on roads will provide gamers a 10% movement pace bonus, players engaging in PvP have a better hazard of locating rare gadgets, and there at the moment are additional faction PvP missions to participate in. Buying and selling posts (New global’s version of an public sale house) are now connected among all settlements, ultimately eliminating the want to rapid journey all around Aeternum and wasting Azoth simply to buy one particular item.

Many players have referred to as for weapon balance updates, and this patch provides that too. Every weapon in the sport has been touched in some manner, with Amazon looking to make a number of the numerous lesser used weapon skills extra possible.

all of the above is, in many methods, just the end of the iceberg. Fanatics will no doubt be glad that new content is arriving, but there is no converting the reality that it’s been a rough past few weeks for brand spanking new world. The game’s player-driven financial system became shut down on two separate activities following the discovery of various item and coin duplication exploits, and an in advance invulnerability bug threatened to break the sport’s PvP. Amazon says it’s far working to enhance its reaction time to such game-breaking incidents, and, in addition to punishing cheaters, is already making modifications to prevent those forms of exploits from happening within the destiny.

New global’s Into the Void update is stay now. Beneath are the overall replace patch notes.

New international Into The Void complete Patch Notes


The Void Gauntlet has manifested in Aeternum. Manage the powers of the Void to guide your allies and debilitate your enemies with this magical damage/assist hybrid weapon. It’s the primary weapon to scale on both Intelligence and awareness, making it a wonderful pairing with the life team of workers and different magical weapons. Adventurers could be capable of development through two weapon mastery bushes, permitting the participant to govern Void magic in exceptional methods:

  • The Annihilation tree focuses on maximizing harm at near-range and revolves round Void Blade, a summoned blade of corrosive void power.
  • The Decay tree offers ranged recuperation and debuffs and revolves around Orb of decay, a dual section projectile which can debuff enemies and heal allies.

With its arsenal of buffs and debuffs, the Void Gauntlet is perfect for organization fight and might considerably bolster your allies on the rate of your enemies.


The Varangians are a force of invading knights presently raiding Southeastern Aeternum. They’re led by means of Lord Commander Attalus, a Gaul with a reputation for brutality and a twisted sense of humor. Commander Attalus and the Varangians are vassals to a powerful warlord named Varik “The Hammer” Iznov. They had been sent to Southeastern Aeternum looking for magical artifacts and arcane lore left behind by way of the crimson Sorcerer. Their intention is to at ease magical weapons with a purpose to help their lord in his conquests. The Varangians are fiercely competitive and will vie with each other to curry want with Lord Commander Attalus.

Why these fearsome warriors have arrived is a question to all. Face off towards multiple new types of enemies, which includes the Varangian Hewer, Varangian Scout, Varangian Knight, and Varangian Archer as you confirm what they’re chasing in Aeternum.

global revel in


  • added starter quarter visible variety and improvements.
    • up to date visuals had been added to the starting areas.
    • Corruption and Withered visuals had been amplified in farms and points of hobby (POIs).
  • Ezra’s Forge has been up to date and moved from Amrine temple to southwest Windsward.
  • Run faster on Roads! Whilst walking on roads you may now get hold of a movement bonus:
    • motion pace bonus of 10% at the same time as visiting on roads.
    • The pass velocity bonus will now not cause until the participant has been strolling for three seconds and they’re on a street.
    • The motion bonus could be cancelled if a participant engages in fight in any manner consisting of dodging, blocking off, attacking, or being hit with a debuff.
  • The pass pace bonus isn’t always active even as participant is actively engaged in wars, outpost rush, or duels.
  • delivered a +10% good fortune bonus and a +30% collecting good fortune bonus to gamers flagged for PvP.
  • brilliant bug fixes:
    • fixed troubles with diverse AI stuck in cliffs or boulders.
    • constant troubles with Boss gating and triggering in Expeditions, wherein a few doorways might show as closed however would be open alternatively.
    • constant several issues in Expeditions that allowed gamers to assault enemies with out getting hit or heal teammates with out being in an encounter.
    • diverse enemy vitals, names, and versions were updated/fixed.
    • fixed diverse issues with lacking or incorrect global collision and navigation mesh.


  • New PvP Faction Missions delivered:
    • manipulate factors – seize manipulate of a fort.
    • Intercept – Defeat enemy faction participants and gather their tears.
    • conflict Camp Loot – Retrieve hidden plans at the enemy’s conflict camp.
  • We’ve updated numerous quests inside the main Storyline to enhance the player experience with greater compelling dynamics such as wave encounters, destructible gadgets, and proximity tracking nodes.
    • as a result of these adjustments, gamers may additionally discover their development reset for some fundamental Storyline quests.
    • The quests “antique Stone remembers” and “New provoke, antique Order” have undergone extra large restructuring, and players who have been on those quests will need to go back to Yonas in Fisherman’s Bend to re-receive the quests.
  • updated the area of one of the Survivalist “Wolf Den” quests in First light to lessen quantity of travel. The stumble upon design has also been updated to a wave occasion in all 3 starter zones.
  • brilliant bug fixes:
    • starting zone faction missions were updated so early players will no longer take delivery of missions to hunt sheep.
    • Faction Rank 2 Quests are actually supplied at level 20 however are nonetheless advocated for level 25+ players.
    • “return to Innkeep” quests now praise the right amount of Azoth.
    • Map pins have been up to date for hunt missions in Elder’s Gate to be more accurate.
    • elite faction assassination missions in Brightwood goal elite enemies that simplest spawn at night time. We’ve updated the quest textual content to specify this requirement.
    • diverse textual content fixes for typos, moving of quest places, and reinforcement of story.
    • Revised naming conventions for city tasks to better distinguish them from Faction Missions.
    • constant day trip loot PvE faction mission in the garden of Genesis.
    • constant a mismatch within the textual content requirement and actual requirements for the “To be a Grandmaster” fishing quest.
    • constant an issue with PvP spy missions no longer being completed in non-settled zones.
    • brought voice over (VO) fixes for a couple of NPCs.
    • constant diverse problems causing NPCs to now not entire their animations.
    • constant numerous issues causing incorrect loot tags to display.

global TECH

  • great computer virus fixes:
    • constant an problem inflicting positive AI to spawn extra regularly than supposed.
    • constant various problems that could arise whilst interacting with the journal entries scattered the world over.
    • fixed an trouble with town projects board failing to refresh.
    • PvP revel in bonus will not practice when in an excursion.

combat & AI


  • fixed a computer virus that allowed the properly Fed buff to stack from one-of-a-kind stages and varieties of food. The maximum current example of the buff will now replace any previous versions.
  • fixed a trojan horse that avoided Weapon Coating items from being consumed properly while used.
equipment PERKS
  • increased scaling of Leeching perks on jewelry and guns from a number of zero.Five% – 1.Five% harm converted to health on hit to a range of 1% – 5%.
  • elevated the efficiency of the liberty, power, and Invigorate debuff reduction perks from more than a few three% – 5% based on gear rating (GS) to a variety of 3% – 8%.
  • decreased the cooldown of the keen velocity perk (which presents haste on vital hits) from 10s to 5s, and expanded haste period from 2s to 3s.
  • extended the Poisoning, Blood Letting, Burning, Crippling, Enfeebling, and infected effect period on ring perks from a number of three% – 7% to more than a few five% – 15%.
  • fixed a worm that allowed Chain Elemental perks to damage invulnerable characters.
  • fixed a bug that allowed Chain Elemental perks to strike downed or dead targets.
  • fixed a worm that allowed the Corrupted Bane perk to scale better than different Bane perks.
  • fixed a computer virus that brought about Chain Elemental perks to cause from the preliminary impact of the awesome awl Gravity well skill.
  • fixed a worm that induced the Hearty perk turned into incorrectly giving an advantage to strike harm.
  • elevated the healing bonus of the mild equip load from 20% to 30%, and multiplied the healing bonus for medium equip load from 10% to 15%.
  • leaping and traversal are now disabled while navigation is disabled (along with while hit with a Root impact).
  • up to date the vault digicam to easy out the movement.
  • updated soar in location to allow translation even as in air.
  • fixed diverse animation insects along a variety of problems to smooth out standard navigation.
    • constant an issue wherein attacking whilst sliding ought to purpose a participant to get caught in an unnatural slide animation.
    • fixed an trouble in which jumping should cancel region of effect (AoE) aiming on a few abilties.
    • constant an difficulty wherein traversing with autorun had a moderate motion pause.
    • fixed an trouble where player animation seemed to stutter while the transition to dash finishes.
    • constant an problem wherein the sprinting leap exceptionally slowed the participant while touchdown.
    • fixed an problem in which the protect may want to fail to sheathe nicely after queuing certain moves.
    • fixed an problem wherein weapon swapping even as accumulating ought to purpose the player to not have an appropriate weapons geared up or carry out attack animations nicely.
    • fixed an trouble wherein players may want to turn out to be unresponsive if they blocked whilst going for walks and seeking to crouch.
    • constant an issue where ingesting a consumable at the same time as appearing a meeting motion might ruin the player’s ingesting animation.
    • fixed an difficulty in which the digital camera moved along side crouching/ inclined movements if participant used those buttons while Harvesting or Skinning.
    • fixed an trouble where spamming susceptible should get weapon sheathe out of sync.
    • constant an problem with participant movement troubles when trying to location a camp even as mid-air.
    • fixed an issue permitting gamers to bypass collision whilst taking weapon out while inclined.
    • fixed an difficulty wherein animations could stutter whilst jogging after executing a couple of attacks with certain guns.
    • fixed an difficulty where the player was capable of clip thru outcropping collision with the aid of the usage of sure competencies at the same time as inclined.
    • constant an problem where players rotated incorrectly while getting into dash from shifting backward and sprinting from defend Rush.
    • fixed an trouble wherein autorun might not prevent even as attempting to region a camp.
    • fixed an difficulty in which players may want to use energy to scale unarmed assaults after susceptible and jump unsolicited mail.
    • fixed an trouble in which gamers could every now and then come to be unable to execute heavy assaults out of the prone function while a magic weapon changed into equipped.
  • fixed an take advantage of by using stopping amassing at the same time as in duels so gamers can no longer duel to keep away from sturdiness harm whilst accumulating.
  • reduced the damage reduction supplied by way of the 250 charter bonus from 80% to 60%.
  • fixed a computer virus that caused the 250 charter bonus cooldown to cause on a blocked hit.
  • fixed a bug that was stopping players from stay away from canceling out of assaults during an capacity’s healing window when the 250 strength bonus become active.
  • constant an problem inflicting 2H Melee and Magic group of workers dodge rolls to have a smaller invulnerability window than the other weapon types.
  • constant inconsistent cancel timings between dodges of different weapon types.
  • constant a worm that could purpose a backwards evade to bring about a small teleport.
  • fixed an difficulty that triggered gamers to now not take damage from an AoE in the event that they dodged into the affected region.
  • systems at the moment are immune to buffs and debuffs that logically wouldn’t affect the siege weapon and deployable structures.
  • Disabled player collision on Inferno Traps due to players once in a while getting stuck on them.
  • Made it so participant cant deal damage to other players with weapon competencies through fortress Gates and battle Camp gates.
  • reduced the power of warfare bread from +15% damage and defense to +five% damage and protection.
  • decreased the damage reduction at the baroness buff from 25% to 15%.
  • reduced the damage and protection on the commander tent from +5%/+7.Five%/+15% to +3%/+6%/+nine%.
great trojan horse FIXES
  • Backstab: constant a computer virus that might cause backstab to trigger whilst attacking players from the front.
  • On Block: fixed a malicious program that caused a few weapon mastery passives that nation they cause “On Block” to trigger in opposition to unblockable assaults.
  • Cooldown Timers: fixed an trouble where diverse passives and perks cooldown timers had been being removed when swapping guns or unequipping gear.


battle HAMMER

Our intention with with a number of the adjustments below is to make the strength of Juggernaut weapon mastery tree stand out a bit more from the gang Crusher tree, and funnel a number of the electricity of Shockwave’s Rend to the Armor Breaker’s Rend.

  • Armor Breaker
    • Lasting Trauma: improved Rend effectiveness from 15% to 20%
    • establishing Act: increased bonus harm from 15% to 25%
    • Adjusted Armor Breaker’s hit container to make it easier to hit enemies on inclines or that have been knocked down.
  • potent Gavel
    • improved harm scaling from 160% to 170%.
    • decreased the cooldown from 22s to 20s.
    • Justice For All: expanded harm scaling from two hundred% to 220%.
  • Wrecking Ball
    • extended harm from 120% to one hundred thirty%.
    • protection Measures: expanded enhance buff duration from 4s to 7s.
  • clear Out
    • Swing Away: fixed an problem wherein this improve turned into much less efficient when hanging more than one targets.
  • Shockwave
    • Sundering Shockwave (object Perk): reduced the maximum Rend effectiveness from 20% to ten%.
  • direction of destiny
    • Leeching path Of destiny (object Perk): constant a malicious program that prevented this perk from working when the stimulated reduction modifier changed into geared up.
  • Passives
    • Exhaustive assaults: improved stamina regeneration penalty carried out via the Exhausted debuff from 15% to 20%
existence team of workers

The cause of the existence body of workers modifications are to transport a number of the recovery electricity into the light and medium equip loads even as lowering a number of the power of the tanky healing builds. We additionally need to make it easier to properly target and heal the perfect group members.

  • decreased base recovery by using 20% throughout the board to account for the increase in recuperation from equip load
  • concentrated on adjustments
    • Normalized all focused recuperation spells (and goal lock-on) to have a max variety of 25 meters.
    • brought out of range targeted healing capability:
      • institution UI will change colour whilst the target is out of range.
      • If the target movements out of variety, the spell will cancel in place of casting focused on yourself.
      • seeking to solid a targeted heal on an out of range goal will show a “goal is out of range” notification.
    • constant an issue in which focused heals activated with the aid of using the potential key could not carry out a direct heal on the meant target.
  • Sacred floor
    • fixed an difficulty where the life personnel Sacred floor VFX and tooltip stated it lasted longer than the actual length.
    • decreased the effectiveness of the Sacred floor give a boost to perk from three% – 15% to a few% – 10%.
    • reduced Holy floor stamina and mana regeneration from 100% to 50%.
    • constant an difficulty that allowed the recovery from this skill to be stacked from more than one resources in the event that they were using special capability upgrades.
  • Splash of mild
    • multiplied the efficiency of life team of workers’s Splash of mild capacity from forty% to 60%.
    • expanded the efficiency of Splash of light’s Shared recovery upgrade from three% to 5%.
  • Orb of protection
    • fixed an issue wherein the Shared safety effect was being refreshed by means of the restoration implemented via Protector’s Blessing.
    • Mending safety (item Perk): This perk’s functionality has been changed. Instead of triggering if the target does no longer have any active buffs, it now triggers if the goal healed through Orb of protection is below 50% fitness.
  • light’s include
    • multiplied the efficiency of mild’s include Connection improve from 1% to 2%.
  • Passives
    • Blessed (item Perk): reduced restoration bonus effectiveness from quite a number 10% – 30% to more than a few 5% – 20%.

We wanted to buff the Throwing awl tree to make it more useful, buff the inflamed Throw potential to make it more possible as an anti-recovery ability, and improve the buffering for heavy assaults to make them more constant to apply. We additionally worked to clear up issues that led to overlooked hits.

  • wellknown
    • fixed an difficulty in which Aimed Throw might be used to cancel simple assaults at any time.
    • constant an difficulty causing heavy assaults to no longer buffer well, ensuing in some assault transitions no longer functioning.
    • fixed an issue inflicting player’s homed in on a goal, the player would be moved to a gap some distance sufficient far from the target that the hits could omit because of the hitbox sizes being a chunk smaller than the gap the player would be from the goal.
  • Berserk
    • fixed an trouble wherein activating Berserk might consume the Relentless Fury and amassed power empower buffs.
  • Feral Rush
    • fixed an issue where Feral Rush will be triggered with out a cooldown in settlements.
  • Raging Torrent
    • fixed an difficulty where some attacks could leave out.
  • inflamed Throw
    • multiplied ailment and weakness period from 5s to 10s.
    • Mortal power: expanded bonus period on low fitness goals from 8s to 15s.
    • Aerial Transmission: accelerated the period of the AoE cloud from 3s to 6s.
  • Rending Throw
    • decreased cooldown from 15s to 8s.
  • Defy dying
    • constant an problem in which the Defy death remaining cooldown timer became removed whilst a player died.
outstanding axe
  • obtain
    • fixed an problem with the incredible awl acquire incorrectly triggering a breakout keep away from.
  • Gravity well
    • fixed an difficulty inflicting the Gravity nicely’s sluggish effect to not constantly be removed if a participant turned into able to get out of the impact area, resulting within the impact lasting as much as 2s longer than intended.
    • constant difficulty in which the Gravity nicely tooltip wasn’t listing the melee harm resulting from the potential if Gravity nicely is utilized in close proximity to a target.
  • Whirlwind
    • added Grit to Whirlwind.
    • Fortifying Whirlwind (item Perk): constant an difficulty in which this perk implemented too many stacks of toughen.
  • Passives
    • Heavy Pull: constant an trouble in which heavy attacks had incorrect hit boxes when this passive turned into ready.
    • The Gravity passive not increases the duration of all pulls. We updated the ability to now apply Root for zero.25s to goals hit by means of a pull.
  • Bow primary assault
    • fixed an issue that allowed consecutive primary assaults to be fired quicker than supposed.
  • up to date descriptions for Rain of Arrows, Poison Shot and Splinter Shot to suggest that they cannot headshot.
  • fixed an issue with numerous Bow skills no longer benefiting from accelerated harm from higher tier arrows.
  • keep away from Shot
    • cross the gap: This upgrade now applies haste at the stop of the potential, in preference to on the start, in order that the buff length isn’t partly lost for the duration of the ability animation.
  • Poison Shot
    • reduced cooldown of Poison Shot from 35s to 30s.
    • fixed an trouble that would motive Poison Shot to head on cooldown with out the potential being fired.
  • fast Shot
    • reduced cooldown from 20s to 14s.
    • rapid Accuracy: constant an issue wherein this upgrade would not reduce the cooldown if the last arrow of fast Shot killed the enemy.
  • Rain of Arrows
    • Rain of Arrows not hits enemies thru doors.
  • Passives
    • fixed an difficulty wherein hip-firing with the bow became triggering the Heightened Precision passive from the Musket ability tree.

Our main goal of the Sword/protect updates have been to make the leaping Strike potential sense higher and to enhance the buffering for heavy attacks to make them extra steady.

  • constant an difficulty where primary attack buffers and cancels were not running nicely throughout the Sword heavy assault.
  • fixed an trouble where the completely-charged Sword heavy attack had specific timings than the everyday heavy assault.
  • protect Rush
    • improved Rush: multiplied Weaken length from 4s to 10s.
  • jumping Strike
    • decreased cooldown from 25s to 18s.
    • multiplied harm scaling from a hundred thirty five% to one hundred fifty%.
    • speeded up the recovery after the usage of leaping Strike to make it simpler to transition into different attacks.
    • Cowardly Punishment: up to date the description to include the gradual percentage fee.
fireplace team of workers

We updated the fireplace group of workers to reduce a number of the effectiveness of wellknown assaults because of how effective they felt in comparison to positive abilities, and up to date some abilties to feel extra impactful.

  • Pillar of fire
    • multiplied harm scaling from134% to 170%.
    • constant an difficulty wherein Pillar of fireplace objectives the caster whilst activated the usage of the capacity key.
    • fixed an trouble where Pillar of fireplace failed to cause Runes of Helios when activated the usage of the capability key.
    • fixed an issue that induced Pillar Of hearth to hit twice towards goals near the brink of the impact radius.
  • Meteor shower
    • constant an difficulty where Runes of Helios brought about on focused on Meteor shower rather than on casting it.
  • Fireball
    • brought additional readability that the Fireball ability isn’t able to crit. Formerly it might display the crit damage coloration, but not really deal accelerated harm. It’s going to no longer display orange damage numbers, and an additional tooltip turned into delivered.
  • Flame Thrower
    • increase damage scaling from 34% to 50%.
  • Passives
    • clear Casting: reduced damage bonus from 10% to five%.
    • clear mind: decreased empower effectiveness from 10% to five%.
    • Runes of Helios: reduced harm bonus from 30% to 25%.
    • Prophet of a fireplace God: reduced crit harm bonus from 20% to fifteen%.
    • Spellslinger:
      • reduced the crit danger bonus from 15% to 10%.
      • constant an difficulty wherein crit hazard changed into multiplied for widespread assaults and now not simply abilities.
    • Pyromania: reduced harm bonus from 20% to 15%.
    • Kindle: constant an problem inflicting Kindle to boom buff period by using the wrong quantity.
    • Reheat: reduced the time (with out activating an potential) to cause Reheat from 6s to 4s.
    • updated the Singe and Watch it Burn passives to mix up the functionality:
      • Singe went from inflicting Burn on crucial hits to triggering Burn on mild attacks.
      • Watch it Burn now inflicts burn on essential hits from abilities most effective.

Our purpose become to buff and regulate some of the lesser-used abilities to make a much broader selection of talents experience viable.

  • Adjusted the gap the player moved in the direction of the goal while doing a heavy assault. The heavy attack become pulling the consumer too near formerly, ensuing in the lethal attain passive no longer being able to cause continuously.
  • Sweep
    • Coup de Grace:
      • expanded damage scaling from 125% to one hundred fifty%.
      • This attack is now flagged as Heavy, allowing it to trigger Heavy-related passives.
  • Skewer
    • expanded bleed damage from 10% to twenty%
  • Perforate
    • elevated damage scaling from 70% to 80%
    • fixed a trojan horse which induced the passive non-stop movement to now not lessen the cooldown of Perforate.
  • Cyclone
    • improved damage scaling from one hundred ten% to one hundred thirty%
  • Vault Kick
    • constant an difficulty in which Vault Kick’s cooldown commenced 1 frame before the hitbox could seem. This resulted in the potential taking place cooldown if the assault turned into interrupted early, even though it didn’t hit.

Our aim with the Ice Gauntlet was to tone down the effectiveness of some of the maxed out combos of abilities while nevertheless retaining their person usefulness.

  • Heavy attack – multiplied heavy attack begin up and recuperation time to make it steady with different magic guns heavy attack timing.
  • fixed an issue where Ice Gauntlet movement whilst attacking was faster than different magic guns.
  • fixed an problem in which simple assaults at the Ice Gauntlet should every now and then shoot through an enemy with out dealing harm in the event that they were too close.
  • Ice typhoon
    • expanded time between damage ticks from zero.25s to zero.33s
    • constant an issue where Ice typhoon did no harm if the player had the unending Thaw object perk.
    • constant an issue wherein Ice hurricane did not do harm to enemies resistant to gradual.
    • constant an problem wherein Ice hurricane stopped if the caster swapped to their other lively weapon.
  • Ice Spike
    • fixed an issue wherein Ice Spike displayed a forged timer notwithstanding being forged immediately.
  • Wind kick back
    • elevated damage scaling in line with tick from 16% to 20%.
  • Ice bathe
    • elevated cooldown from 20s to 30s.
  • Entombed
    • Entombed players can now not be healed.
    • reduced fitness of the Tomb to 50% of gamers max health.
    • reduced damage of breakout burst assault from 168% to 70%.
    • constant an problem where invulnerability on Entomb could be removed at the same time as the Tomb turned into still active.
    • fixed an trouble that allowed gamers to move while Entombed after loss of life.
  • Ice Pylon
    • accelerated Pylon fitness by means of 20%.
    • added a max lifetime of 45 seconds to the Ice Pylon.
    • constant an problem where Ice Pylon may want to eat mana however wouldn’t prompt on slopes, terrain, or off a ledge.
    • constant an difficulty that allowed gamers to vicinity multiple Ice Pylons at a time with the aid of loss of life and being revived.
    • constant an issue with the Ice Pylon targeting neutral gamers or AI enemies at some point of a 1v1 Duel.
  • Passives
    • remaining kick back
      • reduced final kick back’s bonus damage from 35% to 25%.
      • constant an issue where closing chill’s capacity would now not practice to enemies in some cases.
      • up to date closing chill tooltip wording to better make clear its functionality.
    • crucial Frost: reduced crucial alternate bonus from 20% to fifteen%.
    • Energized vital: decreased crucial harm bonus from 15% to ten%.
    • Heavy Freeze
      • delivered a 5 second cooldown to the freeze impact.
      • fixed an issue that allowed enemies with this passive to root players standing of their own Ice storm.
    • constant an problem wherein the Iced Refresh object perk may want to set off on each downing and killing a player. Now it triggers best on downing.
  • fixed an issue in which Tondo, Flourish, and Fleche had their cooldown start 1 body earlier than the hitbox could seem. This resulted inside the competencies taking place cooldown if the attack become interrupted early even if it did no longer hit.
  • Flurry
    • improved the homing of Flurry to fix an issue wherein subsequent assaults might regularly pass over or be hard to hit.
    • overwhelm: constant an difficulty wherein this upgrade changed into incorrectly making use of stamina damage in preference to simply block damage.
  • Tondo
    • reduced cooldown from 11s to 6s.
    • And again: fixed an trouble that triggered this improve to most effective characteristic on blockading goals.
  • Riposte
    • Cooldown reduced from 20s to 12s.
    • Base Stun length increased from 1.5s to 2s.
    • Lasting effect: Stun period multiplied from 2s to 2.5s
  • Passives
    • Momentum: accelerated bonus harm from 25% to 30%.
    • Swiftness: constant an trouble where this passive was granting haste from bleed harm ticks in preference to actual weapon hits.

similar to the balance updates of different weapons, our goal became to buff and modify some of the lesser-used skills to make a much wider selection of talents experience feasible.

  • elevated Musket base damage by means of 2.5%
  • constant an problem where the Musket couldn’t be reloaded after ward off rolling then triggering autorun.
  • constant an trouble where reloading would now not routinely resume after an interruption whilst the player was aiming.
  • fixed an trouble in which musket overcharged shots had been no longer being ate up at the same time as hip-firing while crouched.
  • Traps
    • Traps can no longer can be triggered by gamers in demise’s Door.
  • Sticky Bomb
    • extended damage from one hundred seventy five% to 235%.
  • stopping energy
    • reduced cooldown from 18s to 15s.
  • energy Shot
    • reduced cooldown from 15s to 12s.
  • Shooter’s Stance
    • decreased cooldown from 20s to 18s.
    • players can now exit Shooter’s Stance by using urgent sprint, the potential key, stay away from, Esc, or releasing RMB.
  • critical Reload
    • fixed an issue that caused this passive to function unevenly.


preferred AI
  • New AI enemies
    • New misplaced enemies
      • Withered Swarmancer
      • Withered Beetle
      • misplaced Shaman
      • lost Alligator puppy
    • historical guardian
  • Corrupted Villager Updates
    • The strong Corrupted Laborer has placed down his pickaxe and collected a few weights— now looking large than ever.
    • Villagers have had their assault sets reviewed and transformed to higher differentiate them.
computer virus FIXES & AI TUNING
  • widespread
    • fixed an trouble in which AI should every so often get driven to invalid regions inflicting them to die.
    • fixed an issue that precipitated health potions to generate risk.
    • constant an issue that brought on AI to come to be unresponsive if a huge quantity of players had been nearby.
    • fixed an issue that might cause a few objects spawned by means of bosses to now not usually despawn whilst supposed.
    • introduced hit volumes on the ft of all Brute enemies to make sure assaults from gamers greater consistently register.
    • Elite Affixes
      • constant an trouble causing slow areas dropped by using the Slimy modifier to fall through multi-floor homes.
      • fixed an issue causing Phalanx and gradual aura to occasionally attach to an enemy’s ft and move inconsistently.
      • constant an difficulty inflicting Slicer to hit a much large area than supposed.
    • Corrupted Breaches
      • fixed an difficulty where Breaches could disappear mid-fight.
      • constant an trouble that could every now and then cause enemies to now not despawn after a Breach was completed.
    • Outpost Rush
      • fixed an problem that could purpose bears to assault the wrong gate if each gates have been upgraded to tier 3.
    • Invasion
      • constant an trouble that allowed players to body block the Spriggan.
      • decreased the damage of the Invasion Spriggan by way of 20% throughout the board.
      • reduced the harm the Invasion Spriggan offers to systems via 50%.
  • ancient dad or mum
    • historic Mage
      • The historical Mage is not resistant to stuns.
      • decreased the damage of the ancient Mage’s close variety Blastaway spell.
      • constant an problem stopping a few ancient dad or mum AI from nicely retreating.
      • fixed an trouble causing some historic father or mother AI to strafe indefinitely.
  • indignant Earth
    • Dryad Archer
      • Dryad Archer’s jumping unfold shot must now extra continuously hit the participant.
    • Dryad Prowler
      • fixed an problem that made Prowler “T-pose” whilst hit with the aid of a few assaults.
  • Corrupted
    • Corrupted Acolyte
      • constant an difficulty causing Corrupted Acolytes to be resistant to crowd control consequences.
    • Dynasty Trainee
      • constant an trouble that triggered the Dynasty Trainee to not deal harm.
    • Corrupted Commander
      • constant an difficulty that might purpose the Commander to time and again do his dash assault.
    • Yonas the Corrupted
      • decreased the version size of Yonas the Corrupted.
      • decreased the self recovery on Yonas so he’s extra manageable come across for a unmarried player.
    • Dynasty Summoner
      • constant an issue making the Dynasty Summoner heal for drastically greater fitness than intended during his retreat.
    • Corrupted Villagers
      • constant an problem that allowed Corrupted Villagers to chase players for all time.
    • Void Destroyer
      • constant an trouble permitting the Void Destroyer’s laser to shoot players thru the castle’s wall.
  • lost
    • misplaced Porter
      • constant an trouble that brought about lost Porters to be unable to properly retreat.
    • Drowned Sailors
      • fixed an difficulty that allowed Sword & guard Drowned to block while using combo assaults.
      • constant an problem that could reason Drowned Mariners to get stuck on geometry.
    • Pistoleer
      • constant an trouble in which the Pistoleer could use melee assaults to assault out-of-variety targets. The Pistoleer will now higher use its ranged assaults.
    • Withered
      • constant an issue preventing Withered enemies from killing gamers in death’s Door.
      • constant an trouble that might motive the Withered Grunt to get its head stuck in a fence.
    • Brutes
      • fixed an trouble with height of Brute characters that allowed them to get stuck in doorways.
      • constant an issue causing the Pirate Brute’s cannon to get caught to his hand if staggered at the same time as in a cannon attack.
  • natural world
    • Boars
      • fixed an difficulty that might motive Boars to act inconsistently if a participant shot a projectile close to them.
      • fixed an problem causing boars to right away turn rather than smoothly turning even as on foot.
      • constant an issue with the hit volumes on massive boars in order that they can be hit extra continuously through attacks.
    • Alligators
      • fixed an difficulty in which Alligators may want to get caught seeking to assault gamers who are above them.
    • Elk
      • fixed an problem where Elk should get stuck in doors or inside homes.
    • Peacocks
      • fixed an trouble where Peacock kills had been counting as Turkey kills.
    • Bears
      • fixed an trouble where the left and right response for Bears turned into reversed.
      • reduced seen reaction hits on Bears whilst staggered.
      • fixed an problem that could reason Bears to get caught in timber.
    • Cats
      • Disabled Cats potential to take a look at and tune the participant with their head when taken aback.
    • Wolf
      • Tuned the lunge attack on a few wolves to have a smaller homing angle and to offer gamers a more regular window of time to avert the assault.
      • Toned down the player reaction to wolf assaults so that players are now driven extra easily in preference to snapping to a new vicinity.
    • Stanley
      • Resolved a behavioral trouble now and again allowing Stanley to get stuck jogging in place.
  • Amrine Excavation
    • Simon gray
      • Adjusted Simon’s affixes to constantly be the identical static consequences between each spawn.
      • fixed an issue inflicting him to not pause summoning minions in spite of everything of his minions are killed.
    • Foreman Nakashima
      • Adjusted Nakashima’s affixes to constantly be the identical static consequences between each spawn.
  • The Depths
    • Archdeacon Azamela
      • fixed an problem allowing his hounds to be time and again killed for experience and loot.
      • fixed an difficulty causing hounds to not play right spawn animations.
      • constant a rare issue wherein Azamela would attempt to assault players outdoor of his area.
      • constant an difficulty in which the teleporters may be left on after a team wipe.
      • constant an difficulty inflicting teleport VFX to no longer apply to the participant.
      • constant an difficulty inflicting his obelisks to no longer display beam VFX.
    • fixed an issue that allowed the Corrupted Carapace over Captain Thorpe’s teleporter to be damageable by using enemies.
    • fixed an trouble that made Skerryshiv Acolyte enemies resistant to all crowd control debuffs.
  • Dynasty Shipyard
    • Commander Chen
      • Tightened up Commander Chen’s damage volumes so that he offers extra steady harm within the anticipated locations.
    • Isabella’s Pets
      • fixed an issue in which Isabella wouldn’t study the participant she become focused on together with her pistol shot.
      • constant an trouble where the death of Isabella’s tigers should empower the AI out of doors of the area.
      • constant an difficulty causing Isabella to simplest deal strike harm.
    • Empress
      • fixed an trouble inflicting the Dragon Breath spell to kill players in dying’s Door.
      • fixed an trouble causing Pearl Pedestals to preserve casting even after demise.
      • fixed an problem inflicting Pearl Pedestal’s hitbox to be too high.
      • Adjusted timing on Dragon Dive in order that it is much less in all likelihood to hit gamers before the visual seems.
      • fixed an difficulty inflicting Corruption Blast to be tough to block for players who are very close (along with the institution’s tank).
      • fixed an difficulty causing the Empress to be prone to harm throughout precise animations at the same time as in section 2.
  • garden of Genesis
    • Alluvium Marl
      • constant an trouble inflicting his minions to be level fifty seven instead of sixty six.
      • constant an issue causing Alluvium’s Dive assault to sometimes deal no harm.
      • fixed an issue that might once in a while reason players to come to be stuck in Alluvium Marl’s Root area wall.
    • Blighted Greenskeeper
      • constant an trouble preventing the small poison pools from dealing right harm.
      • reduced harm of Siren Scream through 15%.
  • Lazarus Instrumentality
    • Cilla
      • constant an difficulty where Cilla’s workforce segment might final too lengthy, causing the conduits to come to be out of sync along with her Arcane might stacks.
    • Chardis
      • constant a rare problem that allowed Chardis’ beam to retain after all players have been lifeless.
      • slightly elevated the damage extent size in Chardis’ armpits for extra consistent hits.
      • fixed an problem that averted Chardis from taking bonus harm from the historic Bane perk.
      • fixed an issue that averted the Ice Gauntlet’s “Entomb” from being damaged by means of Chardis’ laser.
      • fixed an difficulty that allowed Chardis to be broken by way of throwing hatchets from outdoor of his arena.
      • constant several problems that prevented Chardis and his Lazarus Orbs from being damaged through participant abilties.
arena BOSSES
  • Avarice
    • constant an difficulty that allowed Avarice’s minions to drop loot.
  • Baines
    • reduced the version length of Baines.

economy, progression, & LOOT

  • Faction alternate Cooldown has been reduced to 60 days (down from 120).
  • repair kit Weight has been reduced from 2.Zero to zero.1. We felt 2.Zero changed into too heavy and zero.1 isn’t very heavy at all. It ought to be clean to maintain some on the equipped for your again-pocket.
  • added the item bite of Consecrated Iron to the pinnacle rank of the Faction shop for all factions. Chunks of Consecrated Iron are used to craft the Resilient perk for armor items.


  • All trading Posts have been related.
    • each the list tax and buy tax might be paid to the territory wherein the purchase or promote order turned into listed.
    • items listed in sell orders that expire are back to the agreement from which they were published.
  • it is not feasible to region items at the buying and selling put up for 28 days. The maximum is now 14 days.
  • decreased durability lost from PvP deaths through 10%.
  • reduced the amount of honey gained from apiaries through 50% and the amount of milk from cows by way of sixty five%. Honey timber are unaffected via this change. We made this change because the extent of milk and honey within the international is better than our preliminary estimates. The bees and cows are glad about this variation.
  • Housing taxes are now due each 7 days rather of every 5 days. No changes to fee, so gamers will benefit 2 days of housing time without an boom to their taxes.


  • reduced Territory status gains from Cooking, as they were a bit extra beneficiant whilst compared to comparable efforts put into other Crafting exchange abilities.
  • up to date a Harplass home town venture to now require 1 assignment item rather than five.
  • increased the XP requirements for progressing Crafting trade talents.
    • as soon as gamers unencumber a brand new tier of recipes (e.G. Iron > metal), the XP requirements to retain progressing by way of simply crafting matters at the preceding tier could be significantly diminished. However, it have to nonetheless take the identical quantity of effort to development the crafting talent if you craft items inside the maximum tier you’re able to crafting.

trade abilities

  • Potion Crafting replace
    • We felt that some of the better-tier middle potions (especially fitness Potions and Mana Potions) have been a touch too tough to craft, so we updated the recipes to craft those objects and introduced a new alchemical component to accomplish that: Alkahest.
    • Alkahest is crafted through distilling the magical herbs observed all through Aeternum and serves as a dependable and effective base for potions going ahead.
  • uncommon sources from accumulating Nodes
    • way to reviews in the boards, we determined a possibility problem with uncommon sources from T2/three/4 gathering nodes and resolved it. Way to anyone who contributes to creating New world better together with your reports!
    • the quick model is we had a couple of possibilities that were multiplying each other resulting in a near-0 hazard of a few already-uncommon gadgets losing. This mixed with an issue that would make it next to not possible for an item to drop in case your success values had been too excessive (not precisely how good fortune need to paintings!), which translated right into a “success sweet spot” which you needed to be in to actually have a danger (that close to-0 danger) at getting a drop.
    • With this fix, things like Fae Iron, Voidmetal, Phasefiber, and Petrified wood need to now have the appropriate threat to drop after you attain a certain change skill level.
      • This risk can be multiplied by means of eating the appropriate alternate ability whilst amassing.
      • alternate skill foods also permits the opportunity for those to drop before you would usually be able to acquire them based in your alternate ability level on my own, albeit at a very uncommon price.
  • Fishing
    • commencing fishing assignment now calls for three woodlouse bait rather than 5.


  • introduced several new named gadgets as special drops from named Knights found in the world. Knights which might be quest objectives don’t have unique drops.
  • added a new fashion of guns that drop from the Knight enemy type.
  • Rook’s defense Tower shield now has a tower protect appearance in place of a kite defend appearance.
  • delivered a set of guns designed by the participants of the struggle for new global occasion. These weapons are Tier 5 and capable of being legendary if they roll a gear score of six hundred.

incredible trojan horse FIXES

  • players can not create purchase orders for objects that cannot exist.
  • fixed an issue that was causing bread and cheese baits from being craftable at Kitchens.
  • players can no longer post promote orders when their storage is full.
  • constant an difficulty that changed into causing Boars and Alligators to supply greater Skinning XP than supposed.
  • fixed an issue that would cause players to come across baggage of discarded gadgets not belonging to them and couldn’t be efficaciously interacted with.
  • constant an problem that prevented metropolis task challenge objects from resetting the project’s kingdom whilst dropped.
  • fixed an problem that became inflicting brief left-mouse button (LMB) taps whilst reeling in a fish to motive the reeling to occur automatically, that can make it very difficult to manipulate the line tension.
  • fixed an trouble that was inflicting higher-tier commonplace objects to drop from sure low stage enemies.
  • fixed an trouble that became inflicting small and large Starmetal and Orichalcum veins to provide the other quantity of ore when mined.
  • fixed an trouble with a Syndicate armor piece that turned into causing it to have a far higher equipment rating (and by means of extension, degree requirement) than it should. Please notice that this restoration will have an effect on current instances of that item.
  • constant an difficulty that became causing Gold and Platinum ingots to require a Smelter one tier higher than they ought to.
  • fixed an trouble that was inflicting some named crafted items to present as legendary however craft as Epic. Now they have to suitable preset as Epic.
  • constant an difficulty that changed into allowing fire Staves to be crafted with unrefined woods.
  • delivered new craft mods to the sport to account for a small wide variety of perks that could roll on objects but were unable to be assigned in crafting.
  • constant an problem in which some craft mods have been dropping in recreation however were unable to be traded on the buying and selling post. Further, the buying and selling put up indexed a few craft mods that had been deprecated and now not losing – these have also been eliminated as listing-in a position on the buying and selling post.
  • We removed some deprecated and nonfunctional craft mods from drop lists. If you possessed any such items, it’s been modified to a distinctive, practical item:
    • Starmetal Arcanist’s appeal has been converted to steel Arcanists’s charm.
    • Starmetal Armorer’s charm has been transformed to steel Armorer’s attraction.
    • Starmetal Chef’s allure has been converted to metallic Chef’s appeal.
    • Sliver of Corrupted remember has been converted to Shard of Corrupted rely.
    • Starmetal Jewelcrafter’s allure has been transformed to metallic Jewelcrafter’s attraction.
    • Orichalcum vacationer’s attraction has been converted to Starmetal visitor’s appeal.
    • Drop of Viscous Azoth has been converted to Vial of Viscous Azoth.
    • Squirming Vines has been converted to Tangle of Writhing Briar.
    • Writhing Vines has been transformed to Clump of Writhing Briar.
    • Thrashing Vines has been converted to Clump of Writhing Briar.
    • Shard of Wyrdwood Resin has been transformed to Resin Shavings.
    • chunk of Wyrdwood Resin has been transformed to Resin Shavings.
    • Vial of Wyrdwood Sap has been converted to Vial of Sap.
    • Draught of Wyrdwood Sap has been transformed to Draught of Sap.
  • constant an problem that triggered characteristic mods to not be usable as an element whilst crafting repair kits.
  • constant an issue that precipitated restore kits to rate a coin price whilst used.
  • fixed an issue that prompted certain pieces of Weapon-smithing armors to not drop (Chest/Pants).



  • players can now personally block enterprise invites, institution invitations, friend invites, coin switch, exchange requests, duel requests and chat direct messages.
  • selecting the overall “Do no longer Disturb” will turn of all in-coming notifications.
  • introduced notifications to the sending participant to allow them to understand their invitations or requests are blocking off while sending to a player actively using streamer mode.


  • introduced a tooltip on broken gear indicator explaining a way to restore.
    • added the broken tools indicator to the inventory display while a participant has broken tools.
  • delivered a tutorial pop-up to higher give an explanation for restore components.
  • Highlighted “restore All” and “restore” buttons to make them clearer.

exceptional bugs

  • We now save you players from locking in participant-to-player trades that might result in stock overflow.
  • gamers near the coin cap are avoided from doing trades that would purpose one participant to exceed the cap and consequently lose coin.
  • introduced a quest icon and highlight animations to crafting gadgets which can be required for quests.
  • fixed a bug that caused titles to be reset after each game replace.
  • introduced proper icons to a number of gadgets that had been lacking icons in the trading publish.
  • Leaving a group for the duration of a war induced you to depart the warfare without caution. Players can now not depart agencies for the duration of warfare, however they are able to go away the struggle after confirming they want to accomplish that.
  • fixed a worm in which every now and then the tier of crafting and refining stations proven at the map flyout had been incorrect.
  • introduced a confirmation activate when attempting to “Take All” from the storage shed to avoid disturbing unintentional misclicks.
  • We now display an icon to individuals of your personal faction when they’re flagged. This have to help players determine in the event that they have close by reinforcements or enough numbers for a PvP engagement.
  • Upcoming battle and Invasion tooltip at the map will now stay closed and not reappear when you open the map if you’ve closed the notification, till the subsequent war or Invasion.
  • If foreign language strings are missing, it’s going to not display debug strings, it’s going to display the English textual content alternatively for higher context.
update: OUR crew included those extra FIXES within the INTO THE VOID replace.
  • constant an problem where chests in Lazarus Instrumentality and lawn of Genesis were now not nicely contributing to the high water mark gadget.
  • constant troubles preventing tools score 600 Arcana guns from being crafted.
  • T5 Weapon Smithing pants now drop from the named enemy “Entropy” which enables players to finish their complete set of Weapon Smithing apparel.
  • accelerated coin gained from day trip bosses beginning in Starstone by 25%, and ramping up to endgame expedition bosses granting an additional 100%.

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