New Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist Season Teased
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New Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist Season Teased

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The official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account has teased the tactical first-person shooter’s next season officially titled Crimson Heist. There’s nothing else to the brief teaser, though.

The game’s Twitter account simply shared a looping, seven-second-long video of a close-up on some person with crimson-shot glasses and what appears to be a newsboy (or flat) cap.

It’s unclear what Crimson Heist will contain or when the new season goes live. However, fans of Rainbow Six Siege can expect all the usual accouterments when Crimson Heist drops: a new operator, weapons, balance changes, and more. Crimson Heist will be part of Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 6 Season 1 update, which will be revealed this Sunday, February 21.

In other Rainbow Six Siege news, Ubisoft recently canceled The Six Invitational event that was scheduled to take place in France this month due to border closures. A solution is being ironed out at the moment and Ubisoft said it will provide details on the event soon.

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