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Nvidia Quietly Patches RTX Voice To Work With All Of Its Graphics Cards

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Nvidia has silently updated RTX Voice, its AI-powered noise removal tool, to work with its full range of graphics cards, including previous generation GTX and Quadro products.

The change was a subtle one picked up by Tom’s Hardware, and only present in the older RTX Voice application that Nvidia initially debuted this tech with. You can download the software and apply automatic noise removal to your audio recordings, which can greatly improve anything from your multiplayer musing to remote meetings or podcasts.

RTX Voice is the older application of this technology, with support for the latest RTX GPUs being moved over to Nvidia Broadcast (a suite of tools that includes noise reduction, AI-powered webcam background removal, and more). Nvidia is unlikely to continue updating RTX Voice as a standalone application, so it is nice that it chose to support older cards at the very least before moving on.

RTX Voice was previously thought to only work on Nvidia’s RTX line of GPUs, which feature hardware Tensor cores that drive the processing-hungry algorithms required for the noise removal. It didn’t take long for hobbyists to figure out how to make it work on cards without this hardware, but Nvidia did take a long time to officially support it itself.

This is extra good news if you’re stuck looking at much older GPU stock given the current semiconductor production crisis and Nvidia’s own admission that supply of its products will be constrained for more months to come.

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