Nvidia appears to be considering every GPU and memory config imaginable for the 30-series
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Nvidia seems to be thinking about each GPU and memory config conceivable for the 30-collection

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any other load of Nvidia GPU rumours have just surfaced. We’ve had lots of leaks approximately the RTX 3090 Ti (GA102-350) for some time now, so it truly is searching probably to show up within the new yr—although not anything is precise until Nvidia honestly declares it. This has currently been joined by using rumours of an RTX 3050 (GA107-350) and RTX 3050 Ti (GA106-one hundred fifty) as well as a 16GB spin of the RTX 3070 Ti (GA104-401) and a 12GB model of the RTX 3080 (GA102-220).

it’s lots of latest GPUs. Probably. One explanation is that these are chips Nvidia has produced for its very own validation but has no aim of actually production in extent.  Or surely hearsay.

we have seen some helping evidence for the previous, with the original rumours of the RTX 3080 Ti (GA102-250) prepared to take at the AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT with 20GB of VRAM and essentially being a cutdown RTX 3090. What became subsequently launched beneath that call become a totally exceptional beast—the 12GB RTX 3080 Ti makes use of the GA102-225 GPU rather.

a number of those ‘rumours’ are people definitely filling within the gaps in Nvidia’s 30-collection lineup. The RTX 3050 and RTX 3050 Ti are obvious applicants right here, certainly because Nvidia presently has not anything under the RTX 3060 in its 30-series stack on computer. Genuinely such GPUs will appear sooner or later? If most effective so Nvidia makes use of up greater of the chips it’s far generating.

The fact the RTX 3050 exists in cellular shape has made this a possible candidate for desktops for some time now. The generally dependable hardware leaker, Kopite, has stirred up renewed hobby in such GPUs with a pair of latest tweets.

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One viable problem here is that there are rumours the RTX 2060 may want to make a go back. This would potentially be battling on the equal fee point, or thereabouts, making it unlikely that each would exist at the same time. Of direction, re-releasing a card like that increases just as many questions as it answers. 

Then there are the rumours about different memory configurations of current playing cards—a 16GB RTX 3070 Ti and 12GB RTX 3080. Again those might be right down to Nvidia exploring exclusive memory configurations with no precise aim of manufacturing them for the mass market. Having said that, new rumours over on Videocardz recommend that board companions had been told to prepare for such releases.

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How to shop for a photographs card: tips on buying a pix card inside the barren silicon landscape that is 2021

VRAM on pix playing cards may be a contentious difficulty, just as it’s frequently utilized by advertising teams to try to make playing cards appearance higher than they definitely are. For its contemporary RDNA 2 cards, AMD has presented extra VRAM than Nvidia at comparable rate points, however until games in reality make right use of greater reminiscence, there may be no actual advantage to expose for it. 

what’s doubtlessly more beneficial is a bump in the memory bandwidth on offer. By means of upping the VRAM of the RTX 3080 to 12GB, Nvidia could ought to use a 384-bit reminiscence bus in preference to the 320-bit bus located at the unique version. This is extra bandwidth and probably higher overall performance proper there, although reminiscence velocity glaringly performs a role right here as properly.

All of these rumours point to a January 2022 release date, so we’re going to probable have to wait till then to see what Nvidia in reality has planned. Right now, it seems to have as many as five new GPUs on the way—ranging from the mighty RTX 3090 Ti all the way down to the lowly RTX 3050, with room for a go back of the RTX 2060 as properly. Oh, and maybe a few RTX 30-collection remarkable cards? Oh boy.

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