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OnePlus Buds Pro gain multipoint support after latest update

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Multipoint support on earbuds has long been one of Jabra’s features, but we are slowly starting to see other brands add convenience to their buds. The latest is OnePlus, which is adding “dual connection” to its flagship OnePlus Buds Pro with a new firmware update.

Once that update is installed, the Buds Pro can connect to two devices at once, allowing you to switch seamlessly between listening to music on your laptop and making calls on your mobile phone, for example.

This functionality is common in many premium wireless headphones, but it has been much slower to make its way into earbuds. For a long time, multipoint was a big selling point for Jabra’s Elite 65t, 75t and 85t earbuds. But other companies like Anker and JBL are increasingly offering multipoint with their respective earbuds. Meanwhile, Jabra’s latest earbuds have actually shipped without multipoint at launch, but should be updated in the coming weeks to support it. Jabra reaffirmed that the feature is on its way during CES 2022.

In the case of the $149.99 OnePlus Buds Pro, multipoint adds more value to an already excellent set of Bluetooth earbuds with good sound quality, impressive noise cancellation and a very comfortable fit.

The company says this update is being rolled out incrementally, so not everyone will have it right away. On its forums, OnePlus said, “The OTA update will initially reach a small percentage of users, and then we’ll begin a wider rollout in the coming days.” Early indications are that the dual connection feature is working as advertised, so it’s good to see this nifty trick reaching more and more products.

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