Playground Games co-founder and studio director steps down
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Playground Games co-founder and studio director steps down

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Microsoft has announced that Gavin Reburn, co-founder of Playground Games and an industry veteran, has left the company. There was a driving force behind the Raeburn Forza Horizon series and up to your arm is the list of industry credits. He co-founded Playground with Trevor Williams in 2009 after decades of codemasters, and since then the studio has produced five Forza Horizon games and the upcoming Fable Reboot.

Raeburn made his debut on the ground floor, coding highly decent titles for codemasters such as Lazer Force and Poltergeist, and later in more senior roles he led major projects such as Grid and Dirt’s Reboot. Over time, Codemasters became an expert racing studio, due in no small part to its influence, and this legacy is evident in the Horizon series. For me, the idea of ​​driving through the Outer will always be the best, but in modern titles Horizon is the one that captures the essence of speed, fun, and the joy that flows around the turn at 120mph during sunlight. ۔

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