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Pokemon MOBA, Pokemon Unite Gets Switch and Mobile Release Windows

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The Pokemon Company’s attempt at introducing Pokemon to the MOBA genre, Pokemon Unite, got a new trailer today with a release window. It’s coming in July to the Nintendo Switch, and to mobile in September.

One of the best parts of the new gameplay trailer is seeing some of the lesser-loved Pokemon in action. Sure, Pikachu’s great, but seeing a little bit of Fletchling (even if it gets its butt kicked), Cramorant (with a Pikachu in its mouth!) and Mr. Mime included is a nice treat. It’s a bit reminiscent of Pokken Tournament’s inclusion of Pokemon like Chandalure and Weavile, who don’t often get the spotlight.

The Tencent-developed MOBA was announced a year ago as a 5v5 strategy battler where players control and evolve Pokemon over the course of a battle, capture wild Pokemon for points, and fight off the opposing team.

At the time it was first shown became The Pokemon Company’s most-disliked YouTube video, possibly due to a combination of fan expectations for the Pokemon Presents it was revealed in and the fact that it’s a mobile game, with mobile games having a history of lukewarm receptions when shown off in presentations where primarily console or PC titles are expected.

Pokemon Unite will be free to start when it launches for Switch and mobile later this year.

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