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PS5 Sets Release Date For China, Pre-Orders Sell Out Immediately

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The PlayStation 5 is dominating worldwide, and it is still growing. The next-gen console will release in China on May 15, Sony has announced. The disc-based version will cost 3,899 yuan ($602) and the digital edition will go for 3,099 yuan ($480).

In 2014, China lifted its 14-year ban on consoles, and since then, major companies have begun to release their system and games in the market.

The PS5 isn’t the first of the new consoles to come to China, as Nintendo released the Switch in the market back in 2019 through a deal with Tencent. Microsoft, however, has yet to launch the Xbox Series X|S in China.

Pre-orders for the PS5 in China opened on Thursday and sold out immediately, according to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad. The PlayStation Plus Collection, a set of popular games, is included with the PS5 in China.

Sony’s office in Shanghai is currently working on bringing Ratchet & Clank, Sackboy’s Adventure, and Genshin Impact to the PS5 for the launch. Ahmad reported that “a number of leading domestic game developers” from China have also announced they will bring their games to PS5 down the road.

The PS5 is crushing it right now, shipping 7.8 million units since launch. The console continues to be sold at a loss, but Sony is making up the difference with software and services.

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