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PUBG: Battlegrounds Free-To-Play Update: Start Time And Rewards
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PUBG: Battlegrounds Free-To-Play Update: Start Time And Rewards

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PUBG: Battlegrounds, formerly known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, will be free-to-play on Wednesday, January 12. This applies to all platforms, both PC and console, and follows a number of years of the game as a paid, premium offering. That doesn’t mean those who have already bought the game are left in the dust, though, and there will still be paid options for those who want to support it further and get some extra goodies. Here’s what you need to know about the free-to-play Switch for PUBG, including when it starts and the rewards available to experienced players.

When will PUBG: Battlegrounds be free to play?

PUBG: Battlegrounds will officially become free-to-play on January 12, but the exact time when this will happen will depend on your platform. Below we’ve broken it down by when the maintenance window ends on PC and on console.

  • pc: January 11 at 11pm PT / January 12 at 2pm ET
  • To console: January 12 at midnight PT / 3 AM ET

Because the servers are undergoing maintenance prior to the free-to-play transition, there may be some issues. If the servers are having problems or are not live at that exact time, you may need to come back later.

PUBG: Battlegrounds Rewards

There are a few different sets of rewards you can receive in PUBG: Battlegrounds, some of which require you to have been a paying player before transitioning to free-to-play. connect you Krafton ID and pre-register through January 11 to receive a Highside Slick Backpack, Highslide Slick Top, and two preset slot coupons. These rewards are available once the free play period has started. By completing a playing style quiz on the registration page, you will also get 10 Contraband Coupons.

Pre-Registration Rewards

If you invite three friends to pre-register until January 11, you’ll all receive a Highside Slick Helmet and Iron G-Coin Box. In addition, you have a chance to win a bonus reward:

Invite Rewards for a Friend
Invite Rewards for a Friend
  • PS5 (two winners)
  • Xbox Series X (three winners)
  • Alienware x15 Laptop (10 winners)
  • Razer Kraken V3 HyperSense (15 winners)
  • 10,000 G coin (100 winners)

For those who have previously played the paid version, you will get the following rewards and a free Battlegrounds Plus membership (more on that later)

  • Costume skin set
  • Shackle and Shanks Legacy – Pan
  • Battle-Toughened Legacy Nameplate

What is Battlegrounds Plus?

Battlegrounds Plus is a premium option that will be available for purchase when the free-to-play era begins. It is free to anyone who has previously purchased the game and costs $13 to purchase it as a one-time transaction on its own. You get the following rewards:

  • Survival Mastery XP + 100% boost
  • Career Medal Tab
  • Ranked Mode
  • Custom matchmaker
  • Captain’s Camouflage Hat
  • Captains Camouflage Mask
  • Captain’s Camo Gloves
  • 1,300 G coin

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