Cut the sacred grass of ancient kings and druids in this Lawn Mowing Simulator DLC
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Reduce the sacred grass of historic kings and druids in this garden Mowing Simulator DLC

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garden Mowing Simulator, in case the identify would not pretty nail it down for you, is a simulation about mowing lawns. And not just any antique aspect yard, no: we’re speaking approximately the lush green grass of the top notch British countryside, trimmed and tamed by means of “an real and expansive roster of actual-world certified garden mowers from prestigious producers,” consisting of Scag power gadget, STIGA, and Toro.

the brand new historic Britain DLC that went stay today on Steam allows you to up your lawn care recreation even similarly, by means of presenting get right of entry to to 4 modern locations drawn from the deep (and imaginary) British history: The Royal Stones, Druid’s Tor, the ancient Aurochs, and Aurochs Hill. 

I had was hoping that the DLC would flip your mower into a form of weed-eating warm tub Time gadget, tossing me back into the remote beyond to generally tend the yards of powerful druids and forgotten kings. Alas, it does not: rather, players come to be the digital groundskeepers of those ancient web sites, exploring “quintessentially British ruins” while mowing their historically-sizeable lawns. 

every locale inside the DLC is fascinating and tranquil, however no longer without venture: Mowers can easily roll on steep slopes, and in case you purpose any harm with the aid of running over plant life or bonking into a rock or a tree, it will come out of your pay.

The ancient Britain DLC for garden Mowing Simulator goes for $nine/£7/€9, and comes along a probably even extra exciting recreation replace, unfastened for all players, that adds string trimmers to the game. Those vital equipment allow you to get off your mower and cut grass greater without difficulty in awkward, tight areas, “making sure you stay far from damage fines and produce the exceptional paintings but.”

the whole thing would possibly sound a chunk silly, however we attempted it out remaining 12 months and observed that there has been a positive Zen exceptional to the experience—not unlike actual lawn mowing, for individuals who are into that form of issue. “i found the enjoy oddly soothing,” Andy Kelly wrote in his preview. “there’s some thing deeply fulfilling about buzzing around these idyllic English gardens, giving unkempt lawns a trim. You could almost scent the freshly cut grass as you play.”

And now you can odor the records, too.

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