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Rockstar apologizes for GTA Trilogy problems, makes the vintage variations of GTA available once more

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the release of Grand robbery car: The Trilogy – Definitive version has now not gone properly. In reality, we’ve separately defined it as a “mess” and a “trainwreck” that has left fans pining for the original variations, which have been delisted when the trilogy came out. Today the ones lovers got a few excellent news: Rockstar is bringing the traditional versions returned.

“first off, we need to clearly apologize to all of us who has encountered troubles gambling these games,” Rockstar wrote. “The Grand theft vehicle collection—and the games that make up this iconic trilogy—are as unique to us as we know they are to lovers round the world. The up to date variations of those traditional games did not launch in a state that meets our own requirements of great, or the standards our fans have come to anticipate.”

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it’s not giving up at the remastered trilogy, promising that fixes and improvements might be added in destiny updates. Within the period in-between, but, the “traditional versions” of Grand robbery auto 3, Vice metropolis, and San Andreas may be back to the Rockstar shop as a bundle. Even better, all and sundry who owns the GTA Trilogy, or who purchases it through June 30, 2022, will be given the traditional games free of charge.

The return of the original games is right information. Much less happy is the response to the sorry country of the trilogy among a few fanatics, which has caused developers of the trilogy “being stressed on social media,” Rockstar stated. “we might kindly ask our community to please keep a respectful and civil discourse round this release as we work via those problems.”

Rockstar said it’ll launch another update as soon as the classic GTA trilogy package is to be had again. There may be no word about whether or not the games might be again to Steam as properly—i have reached out to invite and could update if I receive a respond.

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