Samsung shows the PS5 some love by slapping a heatsink on the 980 Pro SSD
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Samsung indicates the PS5 some love through slapping a heatsink at the 980 pro SSD

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Samsung correctly kicked off the second wave of PCIe four.0 NVMe SSDs while it released the 980 seasoned lower back in September final yr. Even as other drives have come alongside and claimed the performance crown considering that its launch (which include the WD_Black SN850), it is nonetheless a great drive for all people looking at performance first and most important. Together with absolutely everyone that has a Sony playstation 5 and is seeking to bolster the internal power area.

at the least, it’s miles if you buy a 3rd-birthday party cooler on the equal time; the force itself would not include one. This commonly is not a trouble on pcs, as motherboards generally tend to come with a few shape of cooling for NVMe SSDs. It is greater of an difficulty for the PS5—the specifications for the SSD force bay for Sony’s console calls for that some form of cooling is required. 

That has now changed although, as Samsung has released a new version of the force that includes a heatsink. It’s not bad looking both, even though it will spend its life hidden out of sight for the substantial majority of users. 

The new edition of the force is referred to as the Samsung 980 pro with Heatsink, in case you’re seeking out it. Best the 1TB and 2TB fashions are available with the heatsink, with the price going up with the aid of $20 for the privilege—that’s usually what you could assume to pay for a lump of steel on pinnacle of your drive. That locations the Samsung 980 pro 1TB at $249 and the 2TB drive at $449.

Samsung’s 980 pro has been on sale for most of the year, with the 2TB version (without heatsink) all the way down to $360, this is $70 less than its MSRP. It will likely be thrilling to see if the heatsink models revel in such financial savings.

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