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Scream’s Ghostface Is Coming To Among Us For Free
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Scream’s Ghostface Is Coming To Among Us For Free

by arun809097
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The Ghost Face of the Scream movie series is coming to us as part of the first film collaboration of the popular game. The announcement was made during a live stream featuring actors Jack Quaid and Mason Gooding, along with streamers Tina Keaton, 5 Ups, Noah Jay, Cara Corus, and Child Chaos.

Ghost fee content, including caps and skins, will be provided to all players “soon” for free. To watch Quaid, Gooding, and Streamers play the game, you can re-watch the “Scream Between Us” video below, and discuss the movie and this partnership.

Although Ghostface / Scream is our first film collaboration, the popular independent game has already received big name guests. Politician Alexandria Ocasio Cortez played among us and discussed his policies, while Jimmy Fallon played during his TV show last night.

“This is our first” film collaboration, “said developer Inersluth in a news release. It makes sense to start with a scream, because the movie is about finding out who the killer is, just like the game.

Scream is opening in theaters today, January 14, and is the first new entry in the series since Scream 4 of 2011. The stars of the series, New Campbell, Courtney Cox, and David Arquette, are back, with GameSpot’s Scream review saying “there was an exciting new spin on Scream. Story.”

The new Scream Spider-Man: Nine Way Home is expected to finish this weekend at the box office and take the No. 1 spot for the weekend. In other news, Campbell recently talked about a bear attack on a movie set when she was 17 years old.

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