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Secretlab’s First Gaming Desk Has RGB Lights, Cable Management, And A Full-Surface Mouse Pad

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Secretlab’s newest product isn’t what’d you expect. The manufacturer most known for premium gaming chairs is entering the gaming desk market. The Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk is a gaming desk with a slick look that aims to provide a clean setup, regardless of whether you’re using it for gaming or work. The Magnus Metal Desk is available to order now directly from Secretlab.

A seamless cable management system runs under a tray panel on the back of the desk. With a full magnetic design, the Magnus keeps cable management tidy and concealed, eliminating the clutter and tangled mess of cables that plague many gaming setups. The Magnus is a fully modular gaming desk that comes with magnetic anchors that attach to the back of the desk to keep cords that you frequently use secure and available when needed. Magnetic cable sheaths help hide cords running down to outlets and your PC, too.

Each desk comes with Secretlab’s Magpad, a full-length magnetic leatherette cover that gives the entire surface of the desk the feel of a premium mouse pad. Multiple Magpad designs are available, from plain black to logo designs with some of Secretlab’s collaborators. Accessory bundles that match some of the special edition Magpad designs are in the works, too.

To add a little more gaming flair, the Magnus also comes with an RGB lighting strip that attaches to the back of the desk. With the included remote, you can customize the lighting effects to your preferences.

Secretlab’s Omega and Titan Series chairs took the top spot in our best gaming chairs roundup. For more gaming desks, make sure to take a look at our picks for the best gaming desks.

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