Silverstone’s PS5 SSD heatsink makes basic PC SSDs compatible

Upgrading your PS5 just got easier.

Silverstone SSD heatsink

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When it comes to customisation options, console gaming is still lagging behind the PC space. One of the best things about being a PC gamer is the ability to adjust your build to suit your own needs. 

Thankfully, consoles are getting better. For one thing they all take external storage of some kind nowadays (opens in new tab). Some like the PS5 will even let you tweak the internal storage with a replaceable m.2 drive, but thanks to cooling issues even this hasn’t been super simple.

When it comes to PCs, the motherboard generally has enough cooling to handle the heat of most drives plugged into it. However, the construction of a PS5 means that SSDs require their own heatsink, which isn’t necessarily too common. Samsung recently slapped a heatsink on its 980 Pro (opens in new tab), making it tempting choice for console owners, but this new 3rd party stand alone cooler may just be the ticket.

SilverStone (opens in new tab) (spotted by Hardware Info (opens in new tab)) has announced the TP06, a specially designed PS5 M.2 SSD heatsink cover. This precisely shaped piece of aluminium alloy is designed to perfectly sit on top of the SSD and keep it cool. The hope is it will give people tonnes more options when it comes to upgrading their PS5 hardware, with plenty of SSDs to choose from regardless of heatsink. 

Peak Storage

SATA, NVMe M.2, and PCIe SSDs on blue background

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And it’s well needed, with the file sizes of today’s high definition games, that space can get filled up quickly. If you’ve been lucky enough to snag a PS5 with the console shortages (opens in new tab) than you’ve also probably experienced the desire for a bigger hard drive. Hopefully SilverStone’s TP06 will come in at a price point as reasonable as its proposed function.

Consoles aren’t necessarily the only ones needing new heatsink options for storage. SSDs are set to only get hotter in the future, and some are predicting that SSD coolers will become the norm as technology heats up (opens in new tab).

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