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Singularity 6’s New Open World Game Palia Focuses On Building An Online Community

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Developer Singularity 6 has announced its debut title: Palia, a community simulation massively multiplayer online game. The studio released a trailer for the game alongside the announcement, which is embedded below. I love Palia’s look. The trailer features such a vibrant art style and charming sense of humor, and I’m intrigued by the game’s focus on building an online community.

“We started Singularity 6 to make games that bring people together,” Singularity 6 co-founder and Palia game director Aidan Karabaich said, according to a press release. Singularity 6 is largely composed of veteran developers, many of which come from Blizzard, Epic, Riot, Zynga, and Sony.

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“We’re so excited to invite players into Palia for the first time,” Karabaich said. “Inspired by some of our favorite titles, our game lets you forge your own destiny, exist in a beautiful setting, and give you a sense of being at home. We expect the players to be a huge part of shaping the game, and we can’t wait to see what they do in Palia.”

As seen in the trailer, Palia allows you to create your own character before being put into a vibrant world. You play as a human, a species regarded as long dead “legends” by the rest of the world. You awaken into this world without knowing why, and set out to make a name for yourself, whether that’s as a gardener, cook, homeowner, adventurer, or something else.


As a MMO, Palia’s world is filled with both fleshed-out NPCs and real-world players, allowing you to build a community and discover the secrets of Palia’s world together. You can also build and customize your own home, join Neighborhoods (Palia’s version of guilds), and start romances with certain characters.

Palia is scheduled to release for PC in Pre-Alpha Access in Summer 2021.

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