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Skabma Snowfall – Gameplay Trailer
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Skabma Snowfall – Gameplay Trailer

by arun809097
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Enter the world of Skabma – Snowfall in this trailer for the upcoming exploration game that tells the history and culture of the Sàmi, the indigenous people of Northern Europe. In Skabma – Snowfall, a strange disease begins to spread across the land of a Sami village, affecting its inhabitants and animals. Ailu, a young village shepherd in search of his reindeer, discovered an ancient enchanted drum, Goadvddis. At the heart of this drum lives the ancestral knowledge of Sàmi healers, Noaidis, who can still save the infected. Play as Ailu, reconnect with nature and become the healer of a new era when Skabma – Snowfall comes to PC in 2022.

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