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Some some distance Cry 6 PS4 Disc Copies can’t Be Upgraded To The PS5 model

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some players in the united kingdom are having troubles upgrading their ps 4 physical copies of some distance Cry 6 to the digital playstation 5 model.

within the united kingdom, some gamers acquired the Russian version of a ways Cry 6 in preference to the UK one. Due to the fact they’re using a uk ps community account, the Russian copies of the sport aren’t compatible with the PS5 upgrade. Stuart Pearson on Twitter showed how his united kingdom boxed copy of the game changed into virtually the Russian one.

whilst Stuart goes onto the PS5 dashboard and selects the free improve choice at the some distance Cry 6 recreation icon, the improve’s information are in Russian and the price is depicted in the us of a’s foreign money, Ruble. Stuart briefly indicates the far Cry 6 game case and the PEGI brand can be seen at the bottom left, indicating that the disc inside must have contained the european model.

A workaround for this is that gamers ought to transfer to a Russian playstation community account to get the loose upgrade. But, that still manner that players might lose all sport progress or DLC registered to the United Kingdom account.

Ubisoft has confirmed that it’s miles searching into this problem. In a declaration to Eurogamer, Ubisoft stated, “The team is aware of reviews that a few gamers are unable to upgrade their ps 4 model of some distance Cry 6 to the ps five model. We’re investigating the problem and could offer an replace ASAP.”

a long way Cry 6 launched on October 7. In GameSpot’s a ways Cry 6 assessment, Phil Hornshaw said, “some distance Cry 6 is usually a fun game that seems like it’s throwing the entirety at you, and if you need a heap of content, a long way Cry 6 sincerely has you protected. In isolation, a whole lot of its elements are interesting thoughts. Taken together, though, it feels like lots of disparate things that keep taking your attention lower back to menus and map icons.”

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