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Sonic Collaboration Coming to Monster Hunter upward push Has Been revealed

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The Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration coming to Monster Hunter upward thrust has been revealed with the aid of Capcom in a ultra-modern trailer.

Monster Hunter upward push has seen a number of unfastened DLC updates over the last few months which have appeared to combine the arena of Monster Hunter with other gaming franchises. In its maximum lately revealed collaboration, which may be visible teased within the trailer (beneath), the game is set to function nods to both Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails in a new p.C. Launching later this month.

just like the sport’s previous DLC collaborations, neither Sonic nor Tails will surely appear in the sport. Rather, Monster Hunter upward thrust will employ unique armor units which offer the feel that both characters have entered the sector.

liberating on November 26, Capcom’s latest DLC will include “Sonic wear” layered armor to your hunter, in addition to a Sonic costume for your trusty Palico and a “Canyne Tails” gown for your Palamute.

The trailer itself indicates off costumes that players can be capable of equip to their characters when the DLC launches later this month. Across the clip, the characters also can be seen gathering a number of Sonic-fashion jewelry as they task thru various environments in Monster Hunter upward push – though it is not clean as to whether or not these will truely feature inside the DLC content material in any way.

The clip ends with a display screen marketing Monster Hunter upward push: Sunbreak. The foremost expansion for the game is set to release in summer time 2022 and will include new monsters, locations, and a brand new hub for gamers to discover in the sport.

To find out more about Monster Hunter upward push’s preceding collaborations, make certain to test out the trailer for the sport’s recently featured Mega guy DLC which launched again in September.

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