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Soul Hackers 2 Hands-on Preview: Best Fiends

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With its latest Persona games, Atlus has landed on a stylized presentation that elevates its beloved RPG franchise, and makes it as cool to watch as it is to play. Twenty-five years after its predecessor was first released and a decade after the 3DS hit North America, Soul Hackers 2 has given Atlus a stylish twist to Atlus’ stylish sensibility and potentially presented RPG fans in a different way. What are they already doing? Such as about developer titles.

Soul Hackers 2 is a follow-up to Demon Summoner: Soul Hackers, a sci-fi spin-off in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise itself. GameSpot had to spend a few minutes playing Soul Hackers 2 at Summer Game Fest 2022, where we got a quick idea of ​​how the game would play out. According to Atlas, while the first Civil Hackers had a pretty tough RPG twist that shut down some players, its sequel looks a bit more welcome, while apparently borrowing a lot of what Works from recent successes to Persona 5. Introduce a new story.

Playing now: Civil Hackers 2 – Announce Trailer | PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC

Although it is a sequel, Soul Hackers 2 has its own story, set in a world like Soul Hackers, but without continuing the story. It’s trying to give players a more solid story than the Persona Games – with Soul Hackers 2, you’re working with a bunch of characters who are making their way to high school. But it’s also a supernatural sci-fi RPG, so expect some great elements. For example, there are demons, and you call them.

Time on our hands did not provide much sense of the basis of Soul Hackers 2 or its overall story. You play as Ringo, a character created by an artificial intelligence and sent to prevent future events from ending. As you might expect, you recruit other characters to join your team’s ranks, including rival factions of the devil seekers, who have the ability to deal with demons and use their powers. Are

The devils are at the center of the game, giving you power like magic spells in battle, provided you can include them with you. For example, we entered a basement and drove our demons to see the place. Searching along the way, it was possible to meet our demons, who had obtained objects or information about the dungeon. Sometimes, one of your ally demons can find a demon to meet you, which gives you the opportunity to recruit them into the team, provided you can do what they say. When we passed through a dungeon, a pig-like devil was ready to join as long as we were able to give him some delicious things from our inventory. The demons in your team allow you to equip your characters with attacking skills, so being good helps you to be more effective in different situations.

You also fight devils throughout the game, and we encountered a version of the pig in the dungeon before deciding to join us. Enemies appear as characters circling the dungeon when you search for them, and when you pass an area you can kill them to knock them down or circle around them. Touching you sends you into a turn-based battle. The battles of Soul Hackers 2 are about exposing information about your opponents and then taking advantage of their weaknesses with basic attacks. A regular hurricane attack can do minimal damage to one type of attack, but the other type that is vulnerable to this type of attack can do a lot of damage.

Each time you take advantage of the enemy’s weakness, you also get a “stack” point. At the end of your turn, stack points are automatically used to summon your demons, who then throw them at your opponents – basically you get a powerful bonus attack. This “Sabbath” involves more devils as you manage to make as many stacks as possible during your attack phase, so the more intelligent you fight, the more destructive the devil’s strike at the end of your turn will be. ۔

Managing your devils is more than just recruiting them when you find them in the world. You can also use different crafts to “fuse” two demons together, create something new. We briefly looked at the fusion system in practice, choosing our two little devils to make one stronger. The system gives you the option to customize your creation based on the devils you used to create it. Each devil has a set of abilities, and when you create a fusion, you can choose which of these original abilities to bring to your new devil so that you can customize it as needed. Can be made.

As you might expect from Atlas RPG, while fighting is a big part of Civil Hackers 2, you’ll spend all your time engaging with game characters. Building relationships with your teammates is an important part of the experience, not only because it enhances the game’s story, but also because it empowers you to fight. During our hands-on, we managed to start a hangout session at the bar with one of our colleagues, Aero, and started chatting to get to know him better. Through dialogue during these moments, your choices can allow you to deepen your relationship with the characters – make choices that make them more confident and friendly to you, and you can lower their level of spirit. Will increase

As you move forward in the Soul Hackers 2 story, you’ll also raise your spirits with teammates, depending on your choices along the way. It seems that doing so will bring some combat benefits as your group will become a stronger team. There are definitely benefits to the story. “Raising your soul level with different characters can even unlock access to new physical locations,” Atlus said during our hands-on time, as well as more stories for those characters. Overall, it looks like investing in raising your level of spirit will give you more time to build relationships with your characters, and potentially, more story for the game as a whole.

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Our look at Soul Hackers 2 was brief, but despite the abundance of features like Fusion and Demon Negotiation, it seems quite accessible, even to players who play the role of SMT, Persona, and Atlus. Not very familiar with the brand. Game. Battles are straightforward and easy to understand, while you are still rewarded for smart play and strategic thinking. But the most interesting part of Soul Hackers 2 seems to be the dedication of the game to its characters, with plenty of time to spend time getting to know your team and the world in which they live.

Soul Hackers 2 is leaving for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S on August 26.

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