Spelunky world-record speedrun exposed as a fraud after eight years
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Spelunky international-document speedrun exposed as a fraud after eight years

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Over eight years in the past, speedrunner BarryMode (a very unknown determine within the scene) shattered the Spelunky speedrunning network by means of beating Spelunky conventional in 2 mins and 30 seconds. Veteran speedrunners have spent years trying to fine that time to no avail—and for exact reason. 

as it turns out, BarryMode was dishonest. It simply took a bit shy of a decade to discern out how.

“This run has not been credible for a long term,” Spelunky YouTuber XanaGear defined in a video masking the run. “sadly, he submitted the run to speedrun.Com earlier than absolutely everyone else.”

within the video, XanaGear explains that suspicions failed to absolutely increase till this February, while members of the network clocked that a tile became lacking from the transition room in BarryMode’s run. Whilst this on my own wouldn’t be enough to cheat a run, similarly digging confirmed it to be a facet effect of a mod BarryMode used to keep his run. 


figuring out the most suitable direction in a randomised global is a large a part of Spelunky speedrunning, however with saves, BarryMode ought to repeat the identical layout time and again until he had it perfected. Because the mod starts offevolved you returned at stage 2, BarryMode did a everyday run of stage 1 as popular, after which spliced in pictures of a stored run. This also explained the primary transition screen’s lack of a lacking block.

“All of this become so simple that it probable would had been caught without delay if the [Spelunky] scene turned into even slightly bigger returned while this run was at the beginning published.” 

talking to Waypoint ahead of the video’s launch, Spelunky clothier Derek Yu explained that this take advantage of became “honestly the maximum essential dishonest state of affairs” he’d heard of in the sport’s speedrunning scene.

without a doubt, it’s the handiest one i am absolutely aware of, off the top of my head,” stated Yu. “As a writer, it absolutely method plenty to me that human beings spend the time learning the way to speedrun Spelunky. They deserve proper credit score for being the first to do some thing in the game. The ones accomplishments are part of the sport’s records!”

The missing tile that suggested foul play changed into afoot. (photo credit score: Mossmouth, XanaGear)

inside the wake of the research, BarryMode has taken his run off YouTube and had his mod powers on speedrun.Com revoked. He has apologised publicly, and regrets the run as “some thing silly” he did a long term ago. That stated, on some degree, he still perspectives his run as incredibly valid. In his words, he turned into simply bypassing lucks.

“The numbers are all accurate as though it become a actual run and there is no dishonest during gameplay otherwise,” BarryMode told Waypoint. “Any time I went the incorrect manner, become too sluggish, or died, i would simply reset the hearts, bombs, ropes, money, and time to preserve the continuity between degrees and attempt again. I bypassed success so that I did not waste treasured time away from my family and my lifestyles.”


BarryMode’s antics had averted the real record-holder from their rightful spot for years, superseding a 2 minute 53 2nd run published by way of ExplodingCabbage all of the way back in 2010. That run sat in second vicinity for years, and could now be the quickest if not for a 2:forty run published through every other runner, Groomp, this September.

“i’m satisfied it got resolved, in particular when you consider that ExplodingCabbage’s run is what made me realise that Spelunky had any speedrunning capacity,” Yu yet again advised Waypoint.

with a bit of luck, whoever finally ends up smashing Groomp’s report next does so legitimately.

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