Team Ninja Is Not Working On New Ninja Gaiden Or Nioh Projects
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Team Ninja Is Not Working On New Ninja Gaiden Or Nioh Projects

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With the Nioh 2 Complete Edition around the corner, game director Fumihiko Yasuda sat down to do some interviews about both the open-world samurai action game and one of Team Ninja’s other well-known IPs, the character-action title Ninja Gaiden. According to Yasuda, Team Ninja has no plans for sequels in either series, though it’s something he’d like to explore.

When asked by The Gamer about why Team Ninja isn’t planning for a new Nioh entry, Yasuda said that the studio wants to divert all its attention and energy to “working on new titles.” Once Team Ninja gets some distance from the Nioh franchise, however, Yasuda said he would “like to go back to the series at some point, [utilize] all the experience and new skills that we gain from some new projects, and then potentially, go back into the series at that point, and create an even greater game to surpass Nioh and Nioh 2 and to create something even better.”

Yasuda echoed a similar sentiment about Ninja Gaiden during the interview, saying there’s “nothing to announce or note specifically at this time.” Yasuda then later said that fans should “look forward to some potential news for some kind of announcement in the near future” regarding Ninja Gaiden. Though he doesn’t clarify what this could mean, The Gamer asked Yasuda whether Ninja Gaiden protagonist Ryu Hayabusa could appear in a new game of some kind, to which Yasuda said Ryu is “the most important character from all of our franchises” and that he would “like to have him make an appearance again in a game coming soon, and I would like to announce details about that in the future, as soon as possible.”

In a separate interview with Video Games Chronicle that dropped at the same time as The Gamer’s, Yasuda reiterated many of the same points. However, he told the publication that if a new Nioh entry were to happen, it would likely “be in a different time period or even a completely different setting” not connected to the overused Sengoku era (1467 to 1615).

Similarly, Yasuda said in his interview with Video Games Chronicle that while there are no plans for a Ninja Gaiden sequel, he “always wanted to make a new installment in the series.” And if a sequel happened, it would definitely come to Xbox consoles, according to Yasuda.

In both interviews, Yasuda said that Team Ninja is currently “working on a lot of new titles that are coming up.” There’s no word on what direction these projects are going in or what platforms they will launch on. However, Yasuda noted that with the increasing popularity of open-world games, he wants Team Ninja to “actually take that on as a potential challenge in the future, and try to put a new spin on the open world genre in that regard.”

In other Nioh news, Team Ninja is releasing a collection that bundles remasters of both Nioh and Nioh 2. Titled the Nioh Collection, the packages hit PC and PlayStation 5 on February 5.

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