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That ‘actual’ Disney lightsaber? You’ll never get to touch it

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i have a few horrible news: Disney has showed you’ll in no way get to strive the “real” retractable lightsaber whose very lifestyles, next screen, and patented design made us giddy lower back in April and might of this year.

at the same time as the amazing disappearing lightsaber duplicate will certainly function at Disney’s new big name Wars: Galactic Starcruiser motel — a Westworld-esque revel in for the very rich wherein remains fee upwards of $4,800 and yet is already bought out for its first 4 months — GameSpot and IGN report that Disney gained’t be letting you contact that lightsaber for yourself.

“regrettably, that lightsaber isn’t for guests to apply or buy. It’s strictly for use via the performers,” writes IGN.

“Trowbridge confirmed in a collection interview that guests will by no means in reality use that lightsaber, but that it’ll be part of the Galactic Starcruiser experience,” says GameSpot.


Your multi-thousand greenback price tag does consist of some lightsaber education, though! GameSpot continues:

as a substitute, you will be given what appears like a excessive-cease, yet slimmed-down lightsaber replica with a hard and fast blade. You strength it up and all the sounds and vibrations you’ll anticipate are there, however in case you walk in watching for to get to play with the new one Disney has developed, let this function a caution.

here’s IGN again:

The consultation involves the usage of the supplied lightsabers to deflect laser beams fired through a wall-set up training faraway. It begins off gradual, letting you get a feel for the way it works, after which it ramps as much as Jedi stage wherein you’re pressured to block assaults without even seeing the lasers. The lightsaber used in this pastime feels about on par with a force FX lightsaber, though it’s miles a tad shorter, but it’s only intended to be used for lightsaber schooling and received’t be to be had on the market.

right here’s some idea artwork for that and other stories Disney desires to offer in the Galactic Starcruiser — it doesn’t appear to have let IGN, GameSpot or any other stores photo the real revel in, although you could examine greater about at those supply links.

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Disney/Lucasfilm Ltd.

Disney/Lucasfilm Ltd.

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Disney/Lucasfilm Ltd.

you can also discover some photographs of new merch to be had on the inn at StarWars.Com.

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