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The $499 HTC Vive flow is VR for folks who don’t like VR

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After years of specializing in commercial enterprise-orientated digital truth, HTC is launching a $499 enjoyment-targeted headset referred to as the Vive glide in November, with preorders starting globally today.

the brand new Vive glide appears extensively distinct from most HTC Vive gadgets. It’s a standalone piece of hardware modeled after a couple of sunglasses, and at first look it may pass for an augmented reality headset, no longer just a VR one. However in the back of the ones barely bug-eyed replicate shades, you’ll discover a lighter version of in advance Vive headsets — minus some primary capabilities.

The Vive drift features consciousness dials on the inner of the headset.

The Vive waft, which became leaked heavily earlier than HTC’s reveal these days, is a compromise among functionality and approachability. The device has a 1.6K-in step with-eye show (HTC didn’t offer the exact resolution) with a 100-degree subject of view at a 75Hz refresh rate. That’s a little greater constrained than the one hundred twenty levels and 90Hz fee that you’ll discover on the more luxurious Vive focus three and roughly the identical refresh fee however a lower subject of view than the original Quest. It’s additionally slightly comparable to the Oculus Quest’s refresh price earlier than a current improve and a bit more cramped than its one hundred ten-diploma discipline of view.

two front-dealing with cameras deal with inside-out motion tracking, and HTC plans to help hand monitoring as properly, although the feature wasn’t to be had at some point of a pre-release demo and didn’t provide an exact timeline for its rollout. It’s the use of the closing-technology Qualcomm XR1 chipset (rather than the hunt 2’s XR2), and it’s were given a decent 64GB of storage area but — unlike the focal point 3 — no slot for a selection card.

light-weight hardware is a large selling point for HTC. “We wanted to get to something lighter, greater wearable, simpler to travel with,” says Dan O’Brien, HTC’s head of VR. The go with the flow weighs 189 grams, as compared to around 500 grams for the Oculus Quest 2, and has a hinged design that folds up to healthy in a $49 carrying case.

HTC Vive Flow

in contrast to earlier Vive headsets, the Vive float received’t come with a controller. As an alternative, you join the headset wirelessly to an Android telephone and use the telephone as a mixture far flung / touchpad. Similar to the cellular Google Daydream or Samsung tools VR remotes, it’s essentially a virtual laser pointer with buttons for deciding on items and calling up the homescreen.

Leaked photographs confirmed the glide plugged into a black container, which a few human beings speculated might be an external computing tool. It’s genuinely a $79 battery % that should let you use the headset for 4 to 5 hours. The waft technically has its personal battery, but HTC says it most effective lasts a few minutes — it’s designed to allow you to change energy assets with out turning off the headset. So that you’ll want either the HTC battery, which is offered one after the other from the headset, or (in line with HTC) any 10,000mAh power bank and a USB-C cable.

HTC Vive Flow headset

further to controlling the device, the smartphone connection lets you replicate Android apps, calling up a digital copy of your cellphone’s homescreen and letting you release apps like streaming video services in a floating window. The headset doesn’t pair with iPhones, and at the same time as HTC hasn’t ruled out destiny aid, it indicated there were critical limitations to creating iOS play well with the waft.

HTC needs human beings to apply the Vive float for visually immersive however in general stationary reports. So that you can watch a 360-degree video or sit down in a digital surroundings, but you could’t use apps that require full-fledged virtual arms. (This policies out most well-known VR video games.) The camera tracking gives you a more herbal revel in than a headset which can most effective stumble on the perspective of your head, however the app catalog and the really loose-fitting glasses-fashion design imply you probable received’t be walking around.

HTC says the go with the flow will launch with 100 apps and guide a hundred and fifty by using the stop of the year. In addition to uses like streaming video, its launch assertion promotes the Tripp meditation app and the VR therapeutic carrier MyndVR, which is tailored for older adults. You can also engage with VR social areas like Vive Sync and watch streaming video, something that’s demonstrated popular on AR glasses. The flow will aid a confined subset of the apps on HTC’s Viveport shop, and customers can subscribe to a discounted, go with the flow-centered $5.Ninety nine-in line with-month version of Viveport’s app subscription service.

HTC Vive Flow

photograph: HTC

HTC Vive Flow with carrying case

photo: HTC

HTC Vive Flow with phone controller

photo: HTC

The Vive float appears essentially pitched as a VR headset for folks that discover present day VR headsets overcomplicated or intimidating. O’Brien describes the tool as something that’s smooth to install a bag whilst journeying without annoying about extra portions like controllers. “We wanted to make something that turned into exquisite smooth and flexible,” he says. In preference to at once competing with gaming-oriented headsets, HTC is making an attempt to carve out a new class of its very own.

HTC’s recognition on older users (“the massive Boomer population,” as a MyndVR consultant put it) is part of this approach. So is the rush for a glasses-like layout instead of the straps you’ll find on maximum headsets. “There’s the consumer that in reality just wishes this factor to be un-intimidating and clean to pop on and stale,” O’Brien says — and that’s who the drift is made for. The result has plenty in common with the now-discontinued Oculus move, however with a svelter appearance and upgrades just like the internal-out digicam monitoring.

HTC Vive Flow

HTC Vive Flow headset

My short experience with the Vive float became a blended bag. The drift is, in reality, remarkably mild — presumably in part because HTC offloaded its battery. However with out a strap device to maintain the headset in vicinity, the display screen stored slipping down my face and blurring the pinnacle 1/2 of my VR revel in. HTC plans to offer change swappable face gaskets for specific suits, and one among them worked higher than the authentic. But I still needed to be cautious even as turning my head, and the feeling of cautiously balancing the headset wasn’t precisely enjoyable.

The waft became exponentially more bearable than earlier “glasses-fashion” VR headsets I’ve attempted. It’s simply nevertheless a lot more unsteady-feeling than the point of interest 3, Quest, or nearly any other primary headset, and there’s no trade strap alternative for folks that need a extra comfy healthy. There’s a diopter adjustment dial so that you can trade the focal point on each eye individually, however just like the Quest 2, you inconveniently can’t trade the focus while you’re actually searching at an photo — you have to take the headset off, twist the wheels a notch, after which placed it returned on once more.

The smartphone-based controller, the Vive flow’s largest departure from popular VR layout, is theoretically reasonable but practically awkward. I used an HTC-furnished Android tool that worked fine as a VR laser pointer. But way to the lengthy-jogging fashion of ever-bigger telephones, I should barely fit my hand around HTC’s phone to faucet virtual buttons at the display. It’s additionally a unusual preference for any headset aimed at older customers, who are dramatically much less possibly to own smartphones.

HTC Vive Flow headset

A smooth, swappable gasket sits between your face and the lenses.

Hand tracking could in part remedy the interplay trouble. But gesture interfaces stay frustratingly hit-or-leave out and normally require holding your arms as much as carry out fine motions, which additionally looks like a awful option if your palms have restrained mobility, and i didn’t get to strive HTC’s model in my demo. O’Brien says HTC remains toying with alternatives for other manage structures — its plan is to release the headset after which tweak its layout based totally on how human beings use it.

greater generally, it’s not clear HTC’s emphasis on portability is the key to prevailing over VR doubters. Agencies had been pitching “VR you may throw on your bag” for years now, and outside of people whose jobs involve headsets, I haven’t seen a single human being cite that as a promoting point — while I’ve heard even skeptics praise bulkier headsets for being at ease. HTC additionally says humans will experience less awkward wearing this glasses-like layout in public settings like airplanes. As someone who without a doubt has worn a VR headset on an airplane, I’m not positive that’s sufficient to erase its fundamental weirdness.

There isn’t really a clean target market for the float within the US marketplace. It’s a ways extra pricey and much less function-rich than the fb-subsidized Oculus Quest 2 but without specialised capabilities that might make it appealing for groups or different groups. (movie festivals and schools may want to use a no-frills VR headset for 360-degree video, as an instance… But the glide isn’t it.) HTC has designed social apps like Sync that would have fairly vast attraction. But out of doors its meditation and video options, my float demo didn’t provide a exquisite feel of its day-to-day price. I discovered basically small video games that i’d play now and again, now not tools I’d spend $499 to get admission to.

however HTC has constructed a sturdy base of VR enterprise hardware, and for now, it seems content to launch the glide as an experiment. At the least, you gained’t discover another most important headset love it — even if it does make you sort of seem like a trojan horse.

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