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The Anacrusis: How To Change Characters

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Early Access on Anacros PC and Game Preview on Xbox. This means that you can get involved in the game as much as possible and see it develop over time, but it also means that you should expect some growing pain. Perhaps the most notable feature at the moment is the ability to easily choose your character from the four heroes of the game. However, just because it is difficult does not mean that it is impossible. Here’s how to change your role in Anacros.

The Anacrusis currently has four characters. Although they are not class based, each of them has its own personality, as well as to unlock their own cosmetics, so you will definitely choose your favorite survivor in time. But choosing a specific character is a bit difficult at the moment. The four heroes, Gavin, Nisa, Leo, and Lance, are assigned to the players who join the lobby.

From left to right, meet Guion, Nessa, Lance, and Liu.

This means that, so far, the party leader will always play as Gavin, followed by the second, third and fourth-ranked players in their roles as Nessa, Leo, and Lance, respectively. Most likely this is a temporary arrangement, and when Stray Bombay updates the game to allow for the correct character selection, we will also update this guide.

However, this means that the roles may depend on how many players are in your party. For example, if you’re playing solo, you’ll always have Guion without the ability to switch. Likewise, an AI companion in Lance will always welcome a party of three, as he is currently the last hero to fill any session.

If you have a complete group and you want to assign specific heroes to the players, be sure to join the lobby in the said order – party leader as Guion, second player as Nessa, third player as Liu, and As the last player Lance. It’s a bit confusing, but it has to be done now. As the game progresses over the weeks, months, and perhaps years, find ways to improve this feature.

For more information on The Anacrusis, be sure to familiarize yourself with the game’s many weapons, alien classes, and how to use the meter compiler.

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