The Master Chief Collection's latest update fixes Halo 2's broken PC port
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The master leader collection’s ultra-modern update fixes Halo 2’s damaged computer port

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Halo 2 changed into by no means tons of a looker. However it virtually wasn’t performed many favours with the 2007 Vista port, whose many visible insects carried over into the master chief collection. However with this week’s Season 8 replace, Halo 2 is in the end a particularly nicer searching game—though i would nonetheless rather play the Anniversary remaster.

Like Halo: fight evolved earlier than it, the MCC inherited legacy issues from Halo 2’s earlier computer port. And just like the first sport, 343 has finally gotten around to fixing those troubles in this week’s replace. The above evaluation video from YouTuber GeneralKidd runs through the various visual issues, from the lack of move-fades (and every so often shadows altogether) in cutscenes to a extra widespread “flat” appearance to the sport’s hues and lighting.

it’s not handiest visual problems that have been corrected, either. In a single case, the remaster controlled to by accident flip a Wraith tank, leaving it upside down with a helpless Brute standing on pinnacle of it. Different YouTubers have observed that the corrections aren’t simply restricted to Halo 2, both, with Halo four’s cinematics also getting some love.


dropping in advance this week, Season eight can be the ultimate seasonal replace the MCC ever gets. However it’s a good season to cease on, garish medieval armours however. A new map reimagines the Halo 2 area Turf for Halo 3, and expands the custom recreation pool to include the first and third recreation. Sadly, Flood Firefight has been behind schedule a touch longer, but ODST’s PvE mode has despite the fact that been beefed up with more customization alternatives.

most thrilling of all, Season 8 introduces a full suite of modding gear for Halo 2 and 3. 343 is probably completed with the MCC for the most element, but here’s hoping this paves the way for a thriving scene of latest maps, modes and custom campaigns for years yet to come.

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