The mod restoring Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory's singleplayer is out now
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The mod restoring Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory’s singleplayer is out now

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In 2003, the retail launch of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory became cancelled, and its multiplayer mode become given away free of charge. As identity and Activision stated on the time, “notwithstanding a robust effort from talented builders, the unmarried participant portion of the sport did now not progress as expected.” Enemy Territory ended up becoming a formative multiplayer shooter, and its have an effect on on the style continues to be felt today. However players have continually wondered: what could that singleplayer campaign have been like?

Modder William Faure has one solution, with a mod that takes Enemy Territory’s maps and connects them together to shape a story-pushed campaign. There is a trailer for it above, featuring a rad metal model of Für Elise and an entire lot of Nazi-capturing action. A co-op model of the mod will observe on November 30, and is currently in trying out.

To play it you will want to have go back to citadel Wolfenstein set up as well as considered one of its overhaul mods (iortcw, RealRTCW, RTCW4A, RTCW-contact, vitaRTCW, or RTCWQuest). The Enemy Territory singleplayer mod is available on ModDB and the Steam Workshop.

if you’re inquisitive about the saga of how this foundational FPS collection became handed from developer to developer over time, here’s the history of Wolfenstein.

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