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The quality Fortnite Gliders up to now

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In Fortnite, gliders will all get you to the island on the identical velocity and can travel the same distance, but that doesn’t suggest you cannot look top doing it. The nice Fortnite gliders are every now and then described as some thing remarkable rare, loaded with computer graphics, or absolutely particular. Right here are our selections for the high-quality Fortnite gliders to date.


This one is known as after that issue the Jaguars never do.

even as this glider does not have any of the authentic NFL licensing of the individual skins, it is were given a ton of cool nods to the game, and in some way manages to in shape all of them onto a chapter 1 default glider base. Notice the gridiron wings, the sphere intention posts as handles, and of route the football-styled umbrella component. Those early gliders are not often as finished up as this one.

Astroworld Cyclone

Even rarer than Travis Scott himself, his glider will likely never be sold.
Even rarer than Travis Scott himself, his glider will in all likelihood by no means be bought.

even if Travis Scott is in the future resold within the item save, his glider possibly might not be. It turned into earned as a loose beauty for taking component inside the Astronomical in-game concert collection at some point of chapter 2, Season 2. Meaning it is pretty much as uncommon as a Fortnite object receives these days. If you see someone with it, you could make certain they were bouncing round to Scott’s live performance inside the summer time of 2020, and now they’ve got the roller coaster glider to prove it.

Rick’s flying saucers Cruiser

“I constantly Slay It, Queen.”

Matching the cultured of the collection perfectly, this Rick and Morty-stimulated glider could make a passive fan out of even the R&M uninitiated. On every occasion Fortnite ditches its already cool unique style for something distinctive like every other caricature or anime, the ones skins and patterns virtually pop off the display screen, as you could see in the picture above.


Thanks for the ride, Faro Automated Solutions.
thanks for the trip, Faro computerized answers.

Aloy become one of the earliest main gaming crossovers to come to Fortnite, and nevertheless one of the exceptional. Her arrival at some stage in the searching-themed season became a perfect match for her and her mechanical beasts like this Glinthawk. This also makes Fortnite the most effective game in which you may see Aloy tame any such creature. Do not try it in Horizon.


You can customize the MCG with one of several comic book covers.
you can personalize the MCG with one in every of several comic book covers.

even though i’m no longer a massive surprise fan myself, even i’m able to see how cool the MCG (surprise Comics Glider, I presume) is. With nine exceptional patterns to choose from, each photo allows you to deck your glider out in a unique art piece from real-life marvel comics over time. They feature unique heroes, colorations, and artists, so all of us need to find something that suits.


To date, this remains the only fully customizable glider.
to date, this stays the only completely customizable glider.

Fortnite’s most effective fully customizable glider remains one of the great nicely over a 12 months later. As you completed challenges at some point of chapter 2, Season three, you could liberate slots for the glider, and every slot supplied a handful of customization options. As you could see above, I allow my layout selections come from my love for Sea of Thieves and went with a totally swashbuckling glider.

Comet Crasher

The Comet Crash is versatile and stylish.
The Comet Crash is versatile and elegant.

The Comet Crasher receives a few cool points just for being considered one of a handful of gliders your person stands on instead of hangs beneath. However I rank it right here because of its versatility. As a glowing comet, it suits numerous specific aesthetics, inclusive of fantasy characters, technology fiction characters, and superheroes, amongst others i am positive i have not even notion of but.

IO Stealth Sail

Slone's glider adds a slight stealth advantage.
Slone’s glider provides a moderate stealth gain.

Fortnite cosmetics are not in reality pay-to-win, but this ultra-quiet glider that got here with doctor Slone in chapter 2, Season 7 does provide a minor increase. Due to the fact it’s so quiet, i have discovered i will better hear where other gamers are losing nearby. A few gliders are so loud that I cannot ever use them. This one, meanwhile, floats me toward the island like a ninja on wings.

Mjolnir’s course

Are you worthy?
Are you worthy?

similar to it’s far along with his Mjolnir pickaxe, Thor’s Mjolnir also can be used as a glider–and simplest the ones worthy can use it. As a a laugh Easter egg, Captain the usa can bring his famous hammer too–a nod to the films–however all people else who attempts will revert again to the default glider. Sorry parents, you need to be this god-want to experience.

u.S.A. Pelican

You can't Finish The Fight unless you first glide in and start it.
You can’t finish The fight until you first waft in and start it.

one of the quality matters approximately this Halo-stimulated glider is its dramatic front. Whilst you sign for your glider in your descent, it typically just spawns in front of you and you may latch on. With the Pelican, its custom animation sees it blast into your attain from off-screen, as although you’ve got all of the impeccable timing and aptitude of a Halo limitless superstar.

For extra Fortnite lists, take a look at out the satisfactory skins, exceptional pickaxes, and excellent back bling.

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