The Rumble Fish 2 v07.12.2022 (+14 Trainer) [FutureX]

The Rumble Fish 2 v07.12.2022 (+14 Trainer) [FutureX]

Text file description: 

HOME Active Trainer
Numpad1 Player: Infinite Health
Numpad2 Player: Infinite Guard
Numpad3 Player: Infinite Offense
Numpad4 Player: Infinite Defense
Numpad5 Player: Max Damage Hit
Numpad6 Mega Score [1000x]
Numpad7 Freeze Stage Timer
Numpad8 Freeze TimeAttack Timer
Numpad9 One Hit/Fast Kill
Numpad0 Freeze Opponent(Can’t move!)
Ctrl+1 Opponent: Empty Guard
Ctrl+2 Opponent: Empty Offense
Ctrl+3 Opponent: Empty Defense
Ctrl+4 Opponent: No Damage Hit

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