The Sims 4 is giving some iconic NPCs a major overhaul
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The Sims four is giving some iconic NPCs a major overhaul

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EA has given Simmers their first glimpse at overhauls to most important characters within the Sims four.

The studio originally introduced back in August that it’d be giving sure “flagship characters” a visual update in conjunction with adjustments to lore and their personalities. In a livestream this week showcasing the new package and neighborhood stories function, the group gave a glimpse into how development on a few overhauled NPCs is coming alongside.

SimGuruRusskii confirmed evaluation photographs for Bella Goth, Mortimer Goth, Dina Caliente and Nina Caliente. Each Bella and Mortimer have had functions modified to make them look older, which makes experience considering they presently don’t appearance an awful lot older than their teenage daughter. Mortimer might also get a brand new moustache, which SimGuruRusskii stated ought to look “a touch bit more refined, a bit bit extra stylish.” The team is doubtlessly thinking about adjusting Mortimer’s pores and skin tone.

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Mortimer Goth’s modern-day appearance in the Sims 4. (image credit score: EA)
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Mortimer Goth's new concept for The Sims 4

Mortimer Goth’s new idea. (photograph credit: EA)
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Bella Goth's current appearance in The Sims 4

Bella Goth’s modern appearance in the Sims four. (photo credit: EA)
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Bella Goth's new makeover concept in The Sims 4

Bella Goth’s new makeover concept. (image credit: EA)
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Dina Caliente's current appearance in The Sims 4

Dina Caliente’s current look in the Sims 4. (photograph credit score: EA)
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Dina Caliente's new makeover concept

Dina Caliente’s new makeover concept. (picture credit score: EA)
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Nina Caliente's current look

Nina Caliente’s current look. (picture credit score: EA)
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Nina Caliente's new makeover concept

Nina Caliente’s new makeover idea. (photograph credit: EA)

Bella Goth’s new idea also shows her with an adjusted skin tone, extra carefully reflecting her appearance in previous Sims games after years of whitewashing accusations. She might be getting a new coiffure too, so as to look “a touch bit more present day, a bit bit more refined as well.”

The Caliente sisters also are getting adjusted skin tones, with SimGuruRusskii saying how the two are “imagined to be kind of like, the idea between Spanish and middle japanese Arabic.” the new concept brings each closer to their older recreation appearances, with the team proceeding to subsequently put off Dina’s banana-yellow hair in favour of some thing more muted. Nina will also be getting a barely altered hair color to a more auburn-toned appearance. Both sisters are potentially receiving new clothing, making them look extra “glam” in comparison to their cutting-edge hot mess of 2014 style.

SimGuruRusskii says there may be no planned launch date for these changes yet, and that it is all nevertheless very tons a work-in-progress. She warned that the ideas are still challenge to change, however i’d guess that the general sense of each makeover won’t exchange throughout characters.

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