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The Top 100 Video Games of all Time
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The Top 100 Video Games of all Time

by arun809097
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IGN’s Top 100 games list includes the best of the best throughout history, from generations of consoles, PCs, handhelds and more. Our list last saw a major update in 2019 and several games have been released since then that deserved to be added. And just as importantly, we looked at the totality of the top 100 as it stood, and asked ourselves a few key questions, which led to some much-loved games being dropped and others that we previously missed being added to the rankings. . Games added to our top 100 must meet a few key metrics: how great a game was when it launched, how much fun it is to play today, and how much a particular game reflects the best in its class. While previous versions of this list have placed a lot of emphasis on a game’s impact and influence, we’ve essentially taken that out of the equation as many games that left a mark and inspired future developers may not stand the test of time. and all so much fun to play now. Or, quite simply, they may have been surpassed by other games. You can head over to IGN to see the full list in detail, and we encourage you to check it all out for more context. That said, IGN’s list reflects the current staff’s opinion of what are the 100 greatest games of all time – a collection of games that have continued to captivate us with their stories, wow us with their revealing approach to game design and the standards for the rest of the industry. Here are the top 10 from that list.

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