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This Raspberry Pi add-on lets you manipulate Lego robots

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Raspberry Pi is releasing an add-on that will will let you use many of its tiny, cheaper computer systems to govern certain Lego robotic motors and sensors. The upload-on is referred to as the build HAT (HAT stands for hardware connected on top), and slotting it onto a Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins will come up with four ports that you could use to manipulate Lego education’s SPIKE components, which the HAT and its software are in particular designed for. It’ll additionally hook up with most other components that use an LPF2 connector, along with the components from the Lego Mindstorms robot inventor kit.

There’s also a Python library (essentially a hard and fast of instructions you could use to control the robot) to be had to go alongside the HAT, so that it will assist you to write software program to control the robot components you’ve were given established. Programing Lego’s SPIKE additives with Python isn’t a completely unique promoting function from Raspberry Pi — the SPIKE kit comes with a hub that supports connecting six devices (as compared to the construct HAT’s four) that can also keep and run Python applications.

however, you’re going to get extra flexibility with a Raspberry Pi. You have to program Lego’s hub the usage of a separate laptop or iPad, while the build HAT might be connected to its very own computer that you can probably plug a keyboard, mouse, and reveal into, relying on which Raspberry Pi you’re using. The SPIKE Hub also most effective has LPF2 ports (even though it has six, in comparison to the construct HAT’s four), while the Pi has GPIO pins that you can use to connect other devices, electronics, and sensors. That offers you a ton of flexibleness in what you could add in your robots. The construct HAT also will assist you to manipulate your vehicles and sensors at a decrease stage if that type of thing is your jam.

Raspberry Pis continually upload a fun DIY aesthetic to a task.
photograph: Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi says that hooking the construct HAT up to an 8V electricity supply with a barrel plug will permit it provide juice to each the Lego add-ons linked to it and the Raspberry Pi itself. The business enterprise will promote a specific 48W electricity supply to go with it if you don’t have one that’s succesful.

that is manifestly a quite area of interest product, but I’m satisfied it exists. In case your kid or college students are gambling round with Lego’s SPIKE robots however want to go deeper into programming and electronics modding, the build HAT might be a very good manner to assist them do that with the cars and sensors you already have. Plus, Raspberry Pi and Lego appear to be a super suit for each other — both manufacturers have a sort of DIY spirit and will make some interesting projects in the event that they become doing more paintings together.

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