This RTX 3060 gaming PC is cheaper than some RTX 3060 graphics cards on Ebay
Home Featured This RTX 3060 gaming pc is less expensive than some RTX 3060 photos cards on Ebay

This RTX 3060 gaming pc is less expensive than some RTX 3060 photos cards on Ebay

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The fact you could get this RTX 3060-powered Black Friday gaming computer for the identical price as some 2nd-hand RTX 3060 photographs cards are going for on Ebay quite much tells you all you want to understand about the GPU marketplace. It’s screwed. It’s the correct instance as to why we have been recommending buying a prebuilt gaming laptop in case you’re in the market for a computer upgrade—you’re just now not going to be able to shop for the pictures card you want for some thing like an inexpensive rate.

just study how a good deal the handiest Black Friday images card ‘deal’ is. Simplest the very high-quit GPUs are available for something near MSRP, fee-gouged although the ones currently are, however who can come up with the money for them?

that is why this HP Pavilion gaming computer starting at $550 is this kind of breath of clean air. It’s a simple computing device designed for folks that simply need to play some video games. It is no longer blanketed in RGB LEDs, aggressively styled, simply a pleasant, confined pc tower with a decent bargain and an inoffensive pricetag.

it is also really worth noting that if you pick out it up nowadays it will deliver in time for Christmas. Just. Right now it ships on the December 14, with HP declaring at the web page that in case you need your brilliant new computer in advance of the Santa’s birthday (that’s what Christmas is, proper?) then the ‘ships on’ date desires to be December sixteen or in advance.

the base configuration is a outstanding price in itself, offering a true gaming pc, with 1080p chops, for just $550. With which you get an AMD Ryzen quad-middle, 8-thread APU, a 256GB SSD, and 8GB of dual-channel DDR4 RAM. The GPU for this base is the RX 5500, a final-gen RDNA card that has a surprising quantity of oomph for an extremely low-level GPU.

however there are upgrades to be had, and we’d immediately advise bumping up that pix card to the RTX 3060. It really is a actual RTX 30-series GPU with 12GB GDDR6 reminiscence, and some critical gaming credentials.

That takes the price to the level 2d-hand variations of that card are going for on Ebay, thank the resellers, however there are in addition options to red meat up the APU desire, RAM, or SSD. A 512GB force would be a worthy addition, however will take you only a color over the $900 mark.

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