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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Review – IGN

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Blast hundreds of goblins within the face with a flaming crossbow, throw large meteors at gross anthropomorphic mushrooms and hang out with a queen horse actually manufactured from diamonds. This is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in a nutshell, and if that every one appears like a re-skinned Borderlands 3, it really is because it’s far. But that is not so terrible in any case! The brilliant writing fashion and outstanding voice performing combine superbly with the twisted and insane FPS chaos to create something exceedingly memorable. This ingenious twist on the Borderlands formula promises the journey i’ve dreamed of gambling ever on account that I performed the Borderlands 2 DLC that inspired it, and at the same time as it performs very secure in lots of ways, it’s been an absolute success to this point.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is an outrageous delusion-infused spin-off of the OG looter shooter and an immediate sequel to the Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s attack on Dragon keep DLC from 2013. Like a sport inside a sport, Wonderlands lets you through. A simulated tabletop function-gambling campaign called Bunkers and Badasses, a kind of change-reality Dungeons and Dragons that replaces usual fantasy tropes with absurdity, unnecessary violence, and tons of guns, no matter whether they’re appropriate for the putting or now not. However that is the magic of this larger-than-existence looter-shooter RPG, which throws caution to the wind, embracing chaos and nonsense in want of ridiculous and remarkable moments.


The nice component about a Borderlands recreation is understanding i’m going to snicker when I loot, and Wonderlands isn’t any exception. The remarkable, laughable writing is exalted through one of the strongest comedic casts of any recreation, with Ashly Burch returning as the cute obnoxious Tiny Tina, Will Arnett as the primary villain, Andy Samberg because the over-enthusiastic dumb birthday celebration member, and Wanda Sykes because the regulations-obsessed player. Across the board, the voice acting and writing comedies are better than ever in this series, and even with out all of the movement-packed looting and filming, the adventure could be really worth it only for the memorable characters and hilarious moments.

The extraordinary laughable writing is heightened with the aid of one of the most powerful comedic casts of any sport.

there’s one venture in which you attempt to parent out how to do away with a man or woman’s impenetrable “plot armor”, any other where the characters get way too suspicious of a heritage character carrying a blue hat, and every other where you kill a gaggle of Smurfs outright. . The shenanigans by no means stop, and table-function fanatics (like myself) will discover masses of references and inner jokes which are catnip to experienced dice-rollers.

That stated, even as the jokes are continually fun, the main tale finally ends up being one of the weaker components of the p.C.. The pattern in Borderlands video games up to now has been for the silly communicate and wacky sidequests to difficult to understand an overarching story it really is sincerely pretty exact, with characters we care about and moments of heartfelt emotion and surprising twists and turns. I kept awaiting Wonderlands to observe the same layout, however rather it becomes a quite predictable race to a chief villain that you need to beat before the credit roll. The reality that the entire journey is about in a game played through Borderlands characters and has little to no influence on some thing makes the lawsuits sense frivolous in place of innovative or subversive and now not pretty up to the standards that the Borderlands series has made. But man, it’s nevertheless so funny.

Of path, the general public come to Borderlands awaiting a ton of guns to play with, and Wonderlands would not disappoint in that regard. As usual, you’ll locate heaps of variations of randomly generated weapons with loopy and insane perks, like an automated crossbow that looks like an old skool machine gun or a shotgun that will become a fireball that you throw at an enemy whilst it runs out of ammo. The transition from over-the-pinnacle technology fiction to over-the-pinnacle excessive myth has changed exceedingly little inside the manner Borderlands performs, although there are a few super exceptions, along with grenades being changed with a good deal more exciting spells and last skills moving to a more magical aptitude, like conjuring massive ice tornadoes. Apart from that, the differences are largely cosmetic changes to fight, so Borderlands fans have to experience right at home inside the Wonderlands.


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The similarity to Borderlands three is good information, because the combat in Wonderlands is generally awesome, with crazy searching enemies, tough boss battles and so much madness on the display screen that your display often looks as if a rainbow puked in a tornado that exploded in one hundred smaller tornadoes. The sliding, shooting and casting in Wonderlands is a significantly accurate time. The flip side of all that chaos is that occasionally it is difficult to realize what is occurring; more than as soon as I died and located myself thinking, “M’kay, i’m not certain what killed me there.” however at the least it regarded cool!

It changes so little from Borderlands three that I felt like I had performed it all before.

The best different actual grievance i’ve is that it changes so little from Borderlands 3 that in spite of a completely special placing, I felt like i’d played all of it earlier than inside the decade i’ve already loved the series. As an instance, the Goliath enemies that have been round seeing that Borderlands 2 have the very particular conduct of starting a rampage if you shoot their head an excessive amount of. As soon as enraged, they run around attacking everything and each time they make a kill, they evolve into a greater effective monster. In Wonderlands, there may be an enemy referred to as the Cyclops who behaves nearly identically. It’s not to mention there aren’t any surprises, but the quantity of re-skinned or repurposed enemies and thoughts really raised my eyebrows more than once.


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Screenshots




One major component Wonderlands does change is swapping static and extraordinary individual instructions for a system it truly is a good deal greater fluid, for better or for worse. Instead of choosing one elegance represented through a unmarried man or woman with a selected set of skills, as a substitute create your very own and pick out from a listing of six stripped-down man or woman training that you can blend and suit as you release your second. Talent tree. Now you may discover which you have some abilities in not unusual with a person who chose a exceptional elegance, which is in stark contrast to previous video games wherein each class plays a unique function within the combat meta. It’s a great factor because it method you can make your person elegance your own, however a bad aspect as it makes classes sense the identical whilst you’re playing with a complete squad of four.

Wonderlands additionally adds a captivating overworld in which as opposed to walking and capturing in first individual, you walk throughout a map as a cartoonish avatar exploring the arena and finding new activities and facet missions to finish. It is smooth to navigate, and discovering new areas and unlocking new paths on this loopy board sport panorama is a awesome and inspired manner to break up the fast-paced battles and explosions with stupid jokes like a component wherein you need to get past a cheese puff dropped onto the board via Bunker master himself. Unfortunately, it also lets in for one among my least preferred elements of the Wonderlands percent: combat.

This crazy board recreation panorama is a exceptional and inspired way to break the short fights and explosions with silly jokes.

this is a very disappointing new function that puts you in a claustrophobically small arena and throws a few randomly generated monsters at you till you fill a kill meter, earn some loot and flow on. You will come across these bland little battles at the same time as exploring the overworld, as a fill-in for the duration of a part of a side venture, or even within the endgame, which makes use of it in a horde mode. The principle trouble i’ve with combat encounters is that not like maximum of the Wonderlands campaign wherein you discover a big hub world and look for hidden loot and secrets to discover, these items positioned you in a container and come up with essentially giving a timeout till you kill sufficient stuff. It is an unimaginative filler that most effective manages to throw a wet blanket on a formula that did not want to be slowed down.


Worse, combat encounters regularly spawn enemies so slowly that you have to await more horrific men to seem so that you can fill the kill meter, mainly in case you’re dealing loads of harm and/or gambling with buddies. It does not assist that those scraps incorporate the identical enemies you may encounter over the course of the campaign, so offer no surprises – simply extra of the same baddies you’ve got killed one hundred times before.

And if you whole the story after about 20 hours and free up Wonderlands’ number one endgame pastime, The Chaos Chamber, you may discover that it is essentially just a version of fight. It’s a chunk of a disappointment, however thankfully it works a piece better as an endgame activity, due to the high trouble and roguelike mechanics thrown in to make matters greater exciting – now not to say it’s actually the most rewarding activity from a loot and XP attitude.

speakme of endgame content material, Wonderlands has quite the grind available for the ones searching out more to do. Not handiest is there an nearly infinite amount of loot to chase, but delusion Ranks, which will let you level up your individual and unencumber unique buffs, come up with a decent mountain to climb in case you’re not finished hitting people yet in the face with an enchanted frying pan. I do not think The Chaos Chamber’s endgame mode could be enough to preserve me grinding lengthy after the campaign, however with at the least 4 portions of DLC already introduced by using Gearbox, it’s appropriate to recognize that my leveling and min- maxing will win’ might not be lost if I decide to go through with it.

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