Total War: WARHAMMER II v20211106 (+21 Trainer) [FLiNG]

Total War: WARHAMMER II v20211106 (+21 Trainer) [FLiNG]


Text file description: 

Total War: Warhammer II Trainer/Cheat
21 Options Game Version: v1.0-v1.12.1+ Last Updated: 2021.11.06
Num 1 Edit Treasury
Num 2 Troops/Heroes Infinite Movement
Num 3 Restore Max Troops
Num 4 Cities Infinite Population Surplus
Num 5 Unlock All Technologies
Num 6 One Turn Technology
Num 7 One Turn Construction
Num 8 One Turn Recruit
Num 9 NPC Factions Cannot Move
Num 0 Drain NPC Factions Troops
Num . Lords/Heroes Infinite Experiences
Num + Lords/Heroes Infinite Skill Points
Num Lords/Heroes Zero Skill Points
Ctrl+Num 1 Infinite Magic
Ctrl+Num 2 Infinite Arrow/Ammo
Ctrl+Num 3 Instant Cast Spells
Ctrl+Num 4 Instant Cooldown Spells
Ctrl+Num 5 Max Public Order
Ctrl+Num 6 Hordes Infinite Population Surplus
Ctrl+Num 7 God Mode (In Battle)
Ctrl+Num 8 Set Game Speed
Ctrl+Num 9 Edit Influence
Unlock All Technologies takes effect when opening research/technology menu, youll need to save and reload in order for technologies to have effects.
Restore Max Troops, Drain NPC Factions Troops take effects on map, not during battles.
2021.11.06: Update for v1.12.1 Build 19592.2397581 game version.
2021.09.10: Update for v1.12.1 game version.
2021.07.17: Update for v1.12.0 game version.
2021.03.19: Update for v1.11.0 game version.

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