Trials Of Osiris Rewards This Week In Destiny 2 (Jan. 7-11)
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Trials Of Osiris Rewards This Week In Destiny 2 (Jan. 7-11)

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Another weekend means another chance to enter the Trials of Osiris for some of the best rewards in Destiny 2. As usual, the rewards you can get for going Flawless – winning seven games in a row without losing – have changed. Here’s everything you need to know about Trials of Osiris this week, including the Adept weapon to take home and the map you’ll be playing on.

Trials starts Friday morning before the weekend, so we’ll update this article once it’s live in-game.

As always, Trials are available from Friday’s daily reset to the weekly reset at the same time the following Tuesday. During that time, you can also visit Xur to see what Exotics he sells. Be sure to visit Saint-14 in the tower to pick up a trial card, which will dictate certain bonuses (like whether you’ll get bonus rewards at certain milestones or whether a loss will be forgiven).

Trials of Osiris is a weekend PvP mode that runs from the daily reset on Friday to the weekly reset on Tuesday, giving you four days to participate. Your goal in the Trials is for you and the other two players on your fireteam to achieve a “Flawless” run, in which you win seven matches without losing one.

Go Flawless and you’ll earn a trip to the lighthouse and receive some special rewards, including the new Adept weapons. These have extra stat bonuses, making them one of the most coveted items you can get your hands on.

However, thanks to some changes to Trials this season, the mode is a little easier to get into than it used to be. The Trials of Osiris now offers matchmaking, so you can jump into matches even if you don’t have a full roster of three players to take it on. Your Trials Passage, the card you buy from Saint-14 that gives you access to the mode and keeps track of your wins, now does not track your losses so you can keep playing and earn rewards even if you lose on a flawless run. Bungie also tweaked Trials so you earn rewards based on number rounds, instead of matches, you won during your session and added a reputation system similar to the Crucible and Gambit, making it easier to earn some of the unique loot from the Trials of Osiris.

Finally, you earn Trials Engrams for participating in the mode, which you can redeem with Saint-14 during the weekend you receive them. Thanks to the new update, you can tune those engrams to yield specific loot pieces, or take your chances with random drops that expand the amount available in your loot pool. So even if you’re just jumping into Trials, there are plenty of ways you can earn some great new gear.

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